Yonaka Remain Enthralling And Powerful On ‘Yonaka Stripped Back’

Originally posted on GENRE IS DEAD!

Depending on the circumstances, the words “acoustic set” can either fill you with excitement or dread. As much as I love artists going unplugged there’s always a fear it’s going to be underwhelming. The songs won’t pack the same punch or even worse, they’ll be dull. At its worst, acoustic renditions are underwhelming or boring. At its best, it lets an artist express a different side of themselves and transforms their well-loved songs into something new. Luckily, this is what Yonaka does on their new EP, Yonaka Stripped Back.

Though it only features three songs – “Guilty,” “Bad Company,” and “Rockstar” – the EP shows us a different side of Yonaka. Typically, their songs are high-energy, boot-stomping rock anthems made to get you moving. Here, they take those songs and turn them into aching ballads about anxiety and depression. Without the pummeling drums, buzzing guitars, and high energy we’re left with the naked emotion that lies underneath. These issues are prevalent in the songs already but with only singer Theresa Jarvis and an acoustic guitar, these feelings are highlighted and can’t be ignored with a catchy guitar riff or slick bass groove.

Read the rest of the review here.

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