‘All Out Life’ – Slipknot


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It’s been four years since Slipknot released new music. Lately, Corey Taylor has been teasing the band’s return with a new album coming in 2019. To keep maggots satiated, the band shared their new song “All Out Life” and it’s everything you want in a Slipknot song: intense, heavy, fast, and loud. And it’s one hell of a ride.

This time Slipknot isn’t exploring their sound or trying new things. They go back to the intense, violent nature that turned heads 19 years ago. The song begins with a quiet intro featuring a distorted voice. The crunching music builds up keeping you on edge waiting for the moment when the music explodes. When it finally does, it’s a rush of aggression that pummels you.

It’s classic Slipknot all the way.  Taylor screams as if spitting venom, percussion is heavy enough to crush you, and the dizzying guitars get your blood pumping. It’s non-stop adrenaline that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. It’s a brutal track that harkens back to their first two albums, Iowa in particular. While they don’t get as dark as they did on that album, it’s still a sound that hasn’t been spotlighted on their later releases.

During an interview with Zane Lowe, Taylor reveals the song is about “the toxic idea that unless something came out 10 minutes ago, it’s not any good.” He continues to describe it as a rallying cry that “bring[s] everyone together, but also remind everyone the past is not something to be discarded with disdain.” And that’s exactly what it is.

During the interlude, Taylor chants “I will not celebrate mediocrity/I will not worship empty shells/I will not listen to worthless noises” addressing listeners as if preparing for them for battle. His anger and frustration reach a boiling point as he exclaims “We are not your kind!” making for one of the most satisfying moments in the song. It’s one of those moments that gets your fist in the air and ready to attack.

“All Out Life” isn’t Slipknot’s greatest song, but damn if it isn’t a good time. With its message, rallying cry appeal, and throwback sound, it’s a track made for the fans. They stick with their tried and true formula, showing they haven’t lost their edge over the years. It’s a ferocious return for the band and one that gets you excited for the new era to come.


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