International Superhits! – Green Day

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 8.5/10

While Green Day were taking a break and deciding whether or not to stick together as a band in the early 2000s, this greatest hits compilation came out. It collects their singles from 1994-2000 along with some new tracks. A companion video was also released with most of their music videos. Fans can expect to find singles like “When I Come Around,” “Basket Case,” “Brainstew,” and “Minority.” But to make things a little more interesting, there are also some unreleased songs as well. The spunky track “Maria,” which is an awesome song, is a re-recording of the original b-side to “Waiting” and features a young angelic Billie Joe Armstrong saying “Wonderful” at the beginning.

Poprocks and Coke” was a previously unreleased track and while it’s not terrible it comes across kind of cheesy with its message of being there for each other, yet at the same time it’s kind of sweet. And for anyone who didn’t pick up a copy of the Angus soundtrack (yeah, I don’t know the movie either) the song “J.A.R.” is featured as well. Again, another okay song, but it’s always been one of my least favorites. The compilation is a great way to have all of the band’s top singles in one place and it’s also a great place for new Green Day listeners to start. It’s actually one of my favorite greatest hits album. It would’ve been cool if a song or two from their first albums were included even though no singles were released just for a more complete feeling.

Rating: 7/10

International Supervideos! follows a similar format. It has the music videos for the songs featured on the disc, but for some reason it doesn’t have all their videos that were out at the time. The clip for “Last Ride In,” which was missing from the CD, is here but there’s no “Welcome to Paradise.” Also, videos were recorded for both “Poprocks and Coke” and “Macy’s Day Parade” specifically to promote this release, yet they are missing from the DVD as well. It’s just baffling why none of these videos were included, especially since they’re on the CD. Oddly enough, watching the DVD isn’t as thrilling as listening to the album. The video collection leaves you unsatisfied while the album feels like a full experience.

Other than that, it’s a pretty cut and dry video collection. The menus included are pretty cool since they’re animated and each album has it’s own animation based off the artwork. It’s pretty awesome, but that doesn’t change the fact that the DVD leaves you feeling a bit disappointed. Hopefully, in the near future Green Day will release a complete video collection with all the clips they’ve released up until now.


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