Musical Quickie: Saint Cecilia EP – Foo Fighters

Release Year: 2015

Rating: 7.5/10

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, the Foo Fighters surprised fans with this free EP as a way to say thanks for a great tour. The release features five new songs Grohl and crew wrote on the road. So how does it hold up? Like most of the Foos’ material it’s pretty solid. Some of the songs like the title track and “Sean” sound really familiar and follow standard Foo Fighters formula: crunchy guitars, heavy drums, somewhat catchy hook, and a cool guitar solo. The tracks aren’t necessarily bad; they’re just not spectacular or super interesting.

There are two songs that really catch your attention: “Savior Breath” and “The Neverending Sigh.” If you like your Foos energetic, dirty, and sleazy then these are the songs to check out. Both of them are fast paced, feature wild, chaotic guitars, and unchained vocals from Mr. Dave Grohl. Everything about these songs kick major ass. “Iron Rooster” is the typical acoustic track from the band, but it’s pretty sweet sounding. It’s actually really relaxing, something you can put on and drift away to. Plus, Grohl’s vocals are really soft sounding, which is a nice touch. So while the EP may not be anything super new or special, it should please any Foo Fighters fan. Also, it’s a pretty awesome way to thank the fans for supporting the tour. How can you hate them?




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