Bit of a break

Hey everybody. Sorry for the late post, I didn’t have any time to make this update yesterday. Just wanted to let you guys know this will be the last week for new posts since I’ll be taking  a short break. It should be no longer than a week or two. I need to step away from writing for a little while; I’ve been going non-stop since the beginning of the year. I just finished my finals for grad school and I want a few days to do nothing and just listen to some music without having to analyze or write about it. In the meantime, check out some of my older posts, like the last list I did on actors who tried to sing.

Also, thanks to any and all readers. Whether you’ve been following my crazy rants on music since the beginning or just joined this month, thanks for visiting, liking, and commenting on these posts. It sounds cheesy, but it would be really hard to keep up this site if no one gave a damn, so thanks.

Enjoy the summer and I’ll see you guys soon! ❤


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