“No Way Out” – Bullet For My Valentine

Release Year: 2015

Rating: 7.5/10

Since the beginning of the year, Bullet For my Valentine have been providing studio updates for their new album. Last month, they gifted impatient fans with the first new song from their upcoming LP Venom. The song isn’t perfect, but it’s already an improvement from the Temper Temper singles. The track roars to life with Matt Tuck screaming “No way out” at the top of his lungs while furious guitars chug and grind behind him. Everything sounds so viscous and raw when it kicks off. It starts out strong and in your face making sure you fucking heard them.

From there on the song is standard BFMV: intense, screaming vocals and brutal music paired with melodic singing and kick ass guitar solos. This is a technique they’ve perfected at this point and it works just as well in this song, but the chorus is a little weak. It’s pretty simple and not all that memorable, even a little cheesy. I thought Tuck sounded a little whiny during this part. Even with this issue, the track is still more aggressive and hard hitting than most of the material on their last album. It’s at least better than their rushed effort “Raising Hell,” which was okay at best.

Ever since the release of their last album, Bullet have been talking about going harder for their next effort. Some of the brutality that was missing from their last LP is found on this track, but it’s not all the way there. It seems like they amped everything up, went hard, but also mixed in some of the rock notions they picked up on their last LP. It actually works better here than before.

I didn’t think the track was mind blowing, but it’s a hell of a start. It’s one of those songs that grows on you over time. It doesn’t really stick with you on the first listen, but after hearing it a few times, you start to get more into it. If anything, it will get fans excited for the new album and I can’t wait to hear another new track from the band. Let’s hope the album shows Bullet For my Valentine at their best.


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