Musical Quickie: Trust Fall (Side A) – Incubus

Release Year: 2015

Rating: 8/10

Incubus returns this year with two new EPs. The first one, Trust Fall, was released last month and it shows the band haven’t lost their touch. While it isn’t full of their strongest material, it’s miles better than what they did on their last studio album. There’s something to admire and cling to in all of the songs. The opening number “Trust Fall” is punchier and more energetic than most of the material from their 2011 LP. Something about it makes it feel like classic Incubus. The same can’t be said for “Make Out Party,” which is Incubus trying to be sexy and it’s a little weird. Brandon Boyd goes falsetto, which initially put me off the song. But the rest of the song grew on me, so I’ve learned to deal. At least he sounds good during the hook. Dealing with a carnal desire for a lover, some of the lyrics are laughable: “your honey spilt over, and now I am an army of ants/And we’re all thinkin’ the same thought/“Let’s get to work.” They may not put you in the mood, but at least the song is pretty good.

“Absolution Calling” catches your attention with the opening synth mixed in with their classic rock sound. The whole thing is upbeat, catchy, and marks a triumphant return to music. Personally, it reminded me why I like the band so much. The closing track “Dance Like You’re Dumb” is all about letting loose, having fun, and dancing even if you don’t know how. This is another song that’s full of energy and gets you jumping. Things get a little iffy during the bridge with distorted samples and soul singers. It just doesn’t fit in. The EP isn’t perfect, but it will get you excited for their next release. There’s a bit of experimentation, but it’s fun. You can hear how much fun the guys had while recording this and it puts you in a good mood.



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