“Dead Inside” – Muse

Release Year: 2015

Rating: 9/10

Ever since they began posting snippets of new material on Instagram and Facebook, fans have been salivating for new Muse material. We finally got it in the form of two new songs. While “Psycho” was okay, it wasn’t that exciting or attention grabbing It kind of felt like Muse doing what they usually do, which isn’t bad, just not the epic music you expect from them by now. But their first official single, “Dead Inside,” is just the opposite.

Letting their Queen influence come through loud and clear, the song finds the band returning to the funk/synth infused music they’ve explored before on tracks like “Supermassive Black Hole” and “Undisclosed Desires.” Everything from Matt’s falsetto opening to the heavy hitting drums that follow all work to pull into its slinky, sexy groove. Though the song is steeped in sensual and trickling synth riffs it doesn’t abandon their rock side. It actually finds the band returning to the harder sound they had on their first few albums.

The cool, sleek electronic music and stark keys are mixed with gritty, dirty guitar riffs that remind you what an excellent player Bellamy is. The music here doesn’t sound rehashed and familiar as it does on “Psycho.” Even though the lyrics deal with a cold, heartless woman, Matt and co. still manage to make the whole thing sound sexy as hell. Bellamy lets his sweet sounding, otherworldly voice flow free, which was sorely missed on the band’s previous album. The best part comes during the bridge when he sings “Don’t leave me out/in the cold” when he voice goes so high it seems to be melding with the electronic music. It’s cool and slightly trippy.

Overall, the song gets 9/10. This is the Muse fans were waiting for. They wanted something big, mind blowing, and drastic. “Psycho” had very little of those elements. That song isn’t horrible, but it wasn’t exciting. “Dead Inside” is all of those things. It mixes the old and the new for a sound that’s sexy and strange, like the band themselves. This is a single that makes you excited for the new album to discover where Muse is going to go next. The guys have never been afraid of playing with their sound. While it’s great to see them continue to do so with their new stuff, it’s also great to hear them return to their harder roots that fans have been waiting for.


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