Rank the Albums: Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine have built up a dedicated fanbase over the years. In fact, their debut album is now ten years old. Can you believe it? They’re currently working on their next studio effort and fans are praying it’s an improvement over their last album. As we wait patiently to hear some new, brutal material from the band let’s rank their albums and see which ones are the best and the worst.

The Absolute Best:

The Poison (2005)

Bullet’s debut is fresh, exciting, and full of amazing songs. Their combination of thrashing guitars and melodic vocals make for catchy tracks you can bang your head to. Songs like “Room 401” and “Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow” have impressive guitar solos, while “All These Things I Hate” and “Four Words to Choke Upon” have a great dynamic between singing and hardcore screaming. All of the songs are full of energy, aggression, and memorable riffs making sure there isn’t a dull moment to be found. While the band would go on to have other successful albums, nothing will be as great or as bold as this debut.

The Good:

Fever (2010)

After their 2008 effort didn’t live up to expectations, Bullet had to come back harder and better. Fever was their response. While it’s not as good as their first album, it’s still pretty stellar. This marked a return to the heavy hitting, brutal Bullet fans came to love. The vocals were back and ready for screaming and the songwriting even improved. The album may not be perfect, but it did give us amazing songs like “Pleasure and Pain,” “Begging For Your Mercy,” and my personal favorite “Your Betrayal.” It’s not as great as their debut, but it’s still impressive and a return to Bullet in classic form.

Scream, Aim, Fire (2008)

This album is an anomaly in the band’s catalog. When compared to their other releases, it doesn’t really feel like an LP by them at all. During recording, Matt Tuck had an issue with his tonsils and had them removed. This caused a lot of issues with his singing. As he revealed in an interview , he wanted to wait to continue recording the new album, but pressure from the label forced the band to go forth. Because of this, a lot of the songs are missing his trademark screams and howls. But once you get over that, you’ll find the record isn’t as bad as some make it out to be. It still has some great songs like “Waking the Demon,” Take It Out On Me,” and “Eye of the Storm.” That being said, the material isn’t as good as it should’ve been. It’s one of those albums you learn to appreciate over time.

The Bad:

Temper, Temper (2013)

This was my personal disappointment for 2013. Bullet are known for their brutal sound mixed with melodic guitars and vocals. For this album they decided to go for a more hard rock sound, leaving behind a lot of the aggression and intensity of their past LPs. Though there are some notable songs here, like “Tears Don’t Fall P. 2,” “Dirty Little Secret,” and “Leech” most suffer from weak and cliched songwriting. Also, the music lacks a lot of passion. It’s not in your face and bleeding with anger like their past material. It’s fine if they wanted to change things up on this record, but the band plays it safe, leaving the listener feeling empty once it’s over. Even the band knew the record was bad, which is why they rushed to release a mediocre track “Raising Hell” soon afterward. Fans expected a lot more from this album and unfortunately Bullet failed to deliver.

For Collectors:

Hand of Blood EP (2005)

For any hardcore BFMV fan, this is a must have. It’s pretty much the EP that helped them launch their career and served as a sneak peak to their debut. It features the stellar songs “4 Words (To Choke Upon)” and “No Control,” but other than that it’s very similar to The Poison. There are some tracks here that don’t appear on the album, but they’re decent at best. It’s not their strongest material and some of them blend together too much due to similar sounding music. Still, it’s a cool release if you want to check out the beginnings of the band. If anything it shows how much they have evolved over the years.

Bullet For My Valentine (EP)

This is a must have for any collector because it’s the band’s first official release. Otherwise, the tracklisting is identical to their second EP. The difference between the two is “4 Words (To Choke Upon),” which does not appear on this release. If you’re trying to get into the band it’s not the best place to start. If you’re trying to complete your BFMV collection, then hunt one of these bad boys down.


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