Sexplosion! – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Release Year: 1991

Rating: 8.5/10

Thrill Kill Kult is one of those bands that’s constantly evolving. They’ve gone beyond their industrial roots to include elements of funk, disco, hip hop, electronica, and new wave to name a few. For their third album, the band sheds their industrial and metal roots completely to take listeners on a funky, sensational ride. The songs are drenched in groovy bass, pulsing beats, and Groovie Mann’s suggestive lyrics that make you want to take a ride on the wild side.

If you couldn’t tell from the title, the theme of the LP is sex. Hot, dirty, sweaty, sex at that. All of the songs are full of kinky situations and sexual lyrics, such as “A Continental Touch.” Here, the band mixes elements of funk, R&B, electronic, and even hip-hop to get their unique dance beat. Groovie Mann is anything but subtle as to what he wants as he describes the most delicious type of pain “punish me gently/til I lose my obsession/torture me slowly/til I break down and cry.” He even makes references to lashing whips, hot mistresses, ravishing bodies in the lyrics. This is only the first of many kinky songs on the album.

The dirty, sleazy vibe of “Sex on Wheelz” is fitting considering the name of the song. This is another song with an overt sexual vibe to it as Groovie Mann and the Bomb Gang Girls sing “Do my kisses burn/do they take your breath/you’ve got a lesson to learn now/I’m the kiss of death.” This time around the music has more of a grimy rock and roll sound to it with occasional horns blaring that sound like an alarm. It’s a hot song that gets you moving and grooving. “Leathersex” sounds like house music from the early ’90s with the intense beat and rapid piano riff. Again, Groovie Mann recites one of his best and most sensual lyrics: “Bathe me in leather/drown me in sex.” It’s another perfect example of the kinky sex he wants the listeners to be a part of.

Things get a little weird on “Mood No. 6.” This song is nothing but a sample about a bad date repeated over psychotic sounding circus music. It’s an interesting musical experiment, but one you only want to hear once. The same can be said for “Mystery Babylon.” This track follows the same format as the former one, but sample addresses S&M with a hooker. The music is more of a slow tango, but it gets repetitive after a while. The eerie high pitched vocals that come in from time to time don’t make things any better. Things improve on the B-52-esque “Martini Built for Two.” It comes off as a weird lounge song with jaunty pianos and playful horns. Here, Groovie Mann sounds like he’s doing an impression of David Bowie in an attempt to switch up his vocals. It’s an odd, yet good entry from the band.

The best track on the album is “Sexplosion!” What makes this one so damn good is the music, particularly the funky guitar riff. It’s so simple, but something about it is so infectious it gets stuck in your head. It’s another disco, dance inspired song with occasional trumpet outbursts that remind you of a James Bond theme. It’s a fun, catchy song that fulfills the band’s mission to get people dancing. “The International Sin Set” is another notable track that uses their familiar edgy samples. This is another song where they mix several genres together, such as R&B, funk, and a bit of industrial to get the irresistible sound. Groovie Mann even tries his hand at rapping midway through and sounds pretty good.

Overall, the album gets 8.5/10. With this entry, Thrill Kill Kult threw fans a curve ball. They stepped away from the metal and industrial sound they established on their debut and dabbled in funk, R&B, and a bit of hip-hop. It could’ve been a bad move, but somehow the band manages to excel in this genre. The music is often fun, upbeat, and sensual, which matches the sexy theme of the album. This definitely stands out as one of their strongest albums to date.


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