Interesting Royal Blood Facts and Pictures

Royal Blood came out swinging last year with their self-titled debut that caught the attention of rock fans. Since then, they’re on their way up to become one of the most popular and notable acts in rock music. They’re currently gearing up for a massive tour, so we shouldn’t expect new music from them anytime soon, so let’s take this chance to learn a bit more about this UK duo.

The song “You Can be so Cruel” was written while singer Mike Kerr was drunk. Of course he doesn’t remember it.

The band formed in a span of a week. They rehearsed once and had their first gig soon after in front of their family and friends

Ben Thatcher has admitted the first albums he bought were Spice Girls, 5ive, and Backstreet Boys. His favorite Spice Girl song? “2 Become 1”

While playing their first gigs, Thatcher worked in a pub and taught drums in a school. Kerr was a chef studying hospitality at Northbrook college.

Muse are big fans. Matt Bellamy approached the band at the Brit Awards and admitted how much he liked their music. Interestingly enough, Muse was an early influence on Royal Blood

Despite what you hear, there are no guitars on their songs. As they explained: “We just filled a room with four or five amplifiers, all on full and all having a different sound, and at the other end was just one bass”, says Kerr

Kerr was previously a member of British rock band Hunting the Minotau

The closing track “Better Strangers” was named after a line from the Shakespeare play As You like It

The animated music video for “Out of the Black” was directed by Christy Karacas, who is also the co-creator of Adult Swim show Superjail!

Their debut album was verified by the Official Charts Company as the fastest selling British rock debut in three years in the UK

Thatcher and Lars Ulrich of Metallica visited the house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed together


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