Musical Quickie: This is It – Michael Jackson


Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.5/10

There were lots of cash grabs after Jackson’s 2009 death, but this is among the worst. Released around the same time as the film, it’s nothing more than a glorified greatest hits album. You would think since it’s the soundtrack LP to the film, it would feature the live audio that’s heard in the movie. Rather, it’s the studio version of the songs Jackson sings in the movie. I guess this isn’t terrible, but considering there were already other compilation albums with the same songs it makes the release pretty cheap. The only selling point is a color booklet and the inclusion of the track “This is It,” but fans could easily purchase the song online.

There’s also a second disc that has three demos from Thriller and a spoken word poem named “Planet Earth.” While it’s all interesting to listen to it’s not enough to make this release worth your time. Since then, the same demos along with tons of other unreleased material have appeared on the iTunes exclusive The Ultimate Fans Extra Collection. Otherwise, the whole thing is rushed to coincide with the film and doesn’t hold anything new for Jackson fans.




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