Playlist: Love Stinks

In case you didn’t get the memo, Valentine’s day is this weekend. That means being bombarded with overpriced sweets, sappy movies, and seeing way too much PDA. If you’re already sick of lovesick songs taking over the radio, then this playlist has you cover. This is for anyone who has been burned by love or just really hates Valentine’s day. These songs are all about hatred and are the perfect anti-love songs for your weekend.

“Cry Me a River” – Justin Timberlake

Two major things happened in Justin Timberlake’s life in 2002: his long running relationship with Britney Spears ended and his debut solo album came out. Of course the two are connected despite what Timberlake says. The song deals with someone being wronged and getting sweet revenge to set things right again. With several references to cheating and lying, it was easy to make connections to his real life troubles. That point hit home when the video was released that gave several clues it was about Britney Spears including a look alike and the use of fairies, Spears’ favorite at the time. It remains one of the best “fuck yous” in music.

“Hyper Music” – Muse

This is one of Muse’s most intense songs with a slashing guitar riff, heavy drums, and snarling bass. It’s full of aggression and anger that keeps bleeding until the song’s end. But underneath the ass kicking music is a song about a bitter relationship. What makes it so damning is when Matt Bellamy screams at the top of his lungs “You know that I don’t love you/I never did!” He’s down right brutal as if to say no more beating around the bush. Bellamy himself has said it’s about wanting to destroy someone you loved. With harsh words like that matched with frantic, sneering music I’d say mission accomplished.

“Pleasure and Pain” – Bullet for my Valentine

Bullet takes out their anger for shitty relationships on this track. The blazing guitars and dancing solos can’t hide the fact that they’re fed up and refuse to hide it anymore. With a hook of “You don’t bring me pleasure/you just bring me pain/over and over again” you can tell the relationship is on its last long. It’s another track that’s brutally honest and is sick of playing nice when it comes to the topic of love.

“She Hates Me” – Puddle of Mudd

These Nirvana wannabes have the essential anti-Valentine’s day song with what has to be their most notable single. It dawns upon some poor sucker that the girl he’s been chasing fucking hates him. And we’re reminded of this over and over and over again. As forgettable as the band is they managed to catch everyone’s attention with the explicit laden hook that’s damning, yet catchy at the same time.

“Love Will Tear us Apart” – Joy Division

Despite the upbeat, catchy synth music this song is pretty tragic. The late Ian Curtis maps out the disintegration of a relationship in a reflecting and sad manner. It’s about when two people know it’s not working anymore and are wondering who’s going to be the first to leave. The lyrics are based on Curtis’ own marriage to Deborah Curtis, who were having their own share of troubles. The title is a play on the song “Love Will Keep us Together.” Deborah even had the title inscribed on Curtis’ grave.

“Fuck You” – CeeLo Green

This humorous single takes the piss out of goldiggers with one simple message: fuck you. CeeLo recounts the tale of chasing after a girl who made it clear he wasn’t rich enough for her. Now, that he’s rolling in dough he has one message for her. Just read the title. It’s the classic story of wanting what you can’t have. Even if you can’t relate to CeeLo’s troubles, you can get on board with telling someone off in such an unapologetic manner.

“I Hate Myself for Loving You” – Joan Jett

It’s no surprise that this bad ass chick doesn’t have the happiest views on love. Though she admits she keeps thinking about this guy night and day, she knows he’s a dog. It’s that complex situation many find themselves in: knowing your mate isn’t the best, but not giving them up for some reason. What’s the result? For Jett it’s getting pissed at herself for not letting this guy go. Note: if someone dedicates this song to you, it may be time to have a talk.

“Caught out There” – Kelis

Kelis shows you don’t mess with a woman when she’s been wronged. In her debut single, Kelis sings sweetly about where her relationship started to go sour. It’s not until the chorus where she unleashes her fury by shouting “I hate you so much right now!” over and over. By the end she has something for her man, which is apparently death since a gun being cocked can be heard. This is also confirmed by the video where she watches her ex dies in the hospital. Who said cheating didn’t have dire consequences?

“Tainted Love” – Softcell

When your love is described as “tainted” you know things aren’t going to end well. That’s what Softcell depicts in their version of the Gloria Jones tune. Despite it’s irresistible hook and catchy synth, the lyrics paint a bleak tale of a relationship that was once desirable, but now finds one of the parties running from the other. But it’s so damn catchy you probably didn’t notice. Also, the video for this is really strange.

“Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” – Green Day

On this b-side, Billie Joe protests the thought of love by saying he doesn’t need someone clinging to him “like a leech” and doesn’t want to deal with all that other love bullshit. Instead he wants to sit “here all my life alone” and repeats how he doesn’t want to fall in love. It’s short, frantic, punk anti-love song that doesn’t hold back. Plus, it’s a great hidden gem from the band.

“Gives You Hell” – The All-American Rejects

The best revenge is living well according to this band. Rather than slashing tires, leaking comprising photos, and jealously, this guy hopes seeing his face is enough to drive his ex mad. One of the best parts of the song is during the bridge where he seems to give in “Truth be told I miss you/but truth be told I’m lying.” Who knew vengeance could be so catchy?

“Love is For Suckers” – Twisted Sister

The guys of Twisted Sister know all the heartache and pain love brings and declares “Love is for suckers!” on this track from their final album of the same name. Though the song is kind of cheesy and funny, it captures the rage of those who believe there’s no such thing as true love. Or at least someone whose been burned a few times.

“I Hate Everything About You” – Three Days Grace

This song really needs no explanation. This is about that moment you have when you realize you can’t stand the person you’re with. The song even asks “Why do I love you?” It may not be the most intense hate you song around, but the message gets across loud and clear. The single wound up being the band’s most popular song and though it’s not one of favorites, it would be a huge oversight to leave it off this list.

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” – Pink

Pink is the queen of fuck you songs. Tracks like “You Make me Sick” and “So What” could fit the anti-love bill, but this one is among the best. It’s tongue in cheek, full of her not-taking-your-shit attitude, and manages to be catchy. The best part is when she shouts “I’ve had a shit day/You’ve had a shit day/We’ve had a shit day!” Whether or not you’re in a crappy relationship, everyone can relate to having bad days.

“Love Stinks” – J. Geils Band

C’mon, you saw this one coming.

There are a ton of anti-love songs out there, so which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments!


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