The Disintegration of Blink-182


Even if you’re not a fan, it’s hard to miss the daytime drama that is the break up of Blink-182. It all started Monday when Mark and Travis released a statement saying Tom left the band. Just as fans were grieving or celebrating, depending on your thoughts of Delonge, Tom said he never quit. From there things got messier as each member started doing more interviews to try to clear things up, but ended up making things foggier. Fans have been trying to pick sides with most finding fault with Tom. Can you blame them?

This whole situation is so similar to what happened in 2005 it’s almost unbelievable. The only difference is there are no cover ups and saying the band is on “indefinite hiatus.” Tom played a major role in their break up as he slowly drifted from Blink. He left the band in the most distant way possible, which he repeated this time around. While it’s easy to call Tom an asshole for not having any interaction with the band, it seems this is how things have been operating since they got back together. They weren’t even together in the same studio during the recording of Neighborhoods. There could be numerous reasons beyond Tom being an asshole for the way he communicated with the band. Either way it’s still sad to think the band was in such shambles they couldn’t even talk to each other about the future of Blink.

Regardless, I still find Tom to be a dick and yes, a lot of those feelings stem from what happened in 2005. He was my favorite member until the drama unfolded and he started making arrogant comments about Angels and Airwaves changing the world. I can’t find fault with him not being fully committed to the band. That’s what happens with long running bands and it’s not that surprising. He’s moved on to something he cares about, which is fine. What gets me is why he would want to reunite the band in the first place. I’m pretty sure Travis’ accident was the catalyst for it, but if he was so upset at almost losing his friend the proper thing to do would be pick up the phone and talk to him. Or even taking time with the reunion to make sure everyone was on the same page. Not rush getting the band back together when you have so many other projects going on. Why get the hopes of the other members and the fans up if it was all going to fall apart? It’s a let down to the fans who wanted to believe they were patching things up as they stated in several interviews. Tom even admitted his biggest failure was the break up of the band, so things were looking bright for their new future.

Some people have called the band immature for the way things are being handled and I’ll admit it’s not pretty, but most band break ups aren’t. What turned into a press release about the state of the band quickly turned into bad mouthing each other in the press, the same thing that happened ten years ago. Not only does it make the whole thing ugly, but it also shows the band disintegrated as friends as well. And that’s heartbreaking. Blink fans know how close Mark and Tom were. For the longest time I thought they were gay for each other. And now that relationship is gone.

Everyday there seems to be another article from one of the members trying to shine light on the situation that only leaves fans feeling conflicted. At the same time, it’s easy to understand why the other two are so mad. Tom’s been holding them back and you can’t help but get upset at someone who does that. It just makes me wish Delonge would’ve left a long time ago, then Mark and Travis could move on with their music. It sucks that they felt like they had to cover for Tom and as a fan, I’m happy we have the truth as to what was taking the new album so long.

I think a lot of people find the situation to be so fucked up for a few reasons:

A. this happened before 10 years ago

B. Blink-182 is the last band you would expect to implode publicly

C. Every bit is being played out on social media

Otherwise, I don’t think I’m disgusted with the situation. Thanks to social media very little is kept behind closed doors. The truth is the whole ugly story was going to come out at some point whether in an exclusive interview or a tell all book. It seems people forget that when you get upset at a friend who you try to work things out with it’s easy for rationality and reason to go out the window. It also doesn’t help that Tom ultimately made things messier by denying he quit. At this point, I really have no reason to not believe Mark and Travis when they describe how the situation has been so far. So, why would Tom say he didn’t quit but then a few hours later post a letter on Facebook where he said he found it hard to commit? To me that pretty much sums up your thoughts on continuing with the band – you don’t want to. Sure, the whole thing could’ve been handled differently, but when someone denies quitting a band when it was stated they did, the gloves come off. After all they are human and we don’t always know how to handle our emotions.

Tom eventually did offer his side of the story and I’m sure some of the things he said about meeting up with the band and doing their best with their music has some truth to it. I’m not going to deny just because I don’t like him. But what he never mentioned was his manager sending the other two an email saying he was out of the band. He obviously saw the press release, which had that nugget of information, so you would think he would address it if it wasn’t true. I can’t hate Tom for growing out of Blink and wanting to focus on his other band, but he should’ve stepped admitted he wasn’t into it like he thought he would be. I think fans have noticed that for a long time seeing as the ones who were always conducting interviews or promoting new music were mainly Mark and sometimes Travis. It was only a matter of time before he left, we just didn’t think it would be like this.

As far as them replacing Tom I think that’s a terrible idea. Blink-182 will always be Mark, Tom, and Travis no matter what people think of Tom now. He was a key player and writer in the band. It would be difficult to see and hear someone else singing the songs he wrote. I believe Mark and Travis should end Blink and form a new band. Or start up +44 again. I understand they want to keep making music with one another, but doing it under the Blink-182 name while missing a member may not be the best way to do it.

What we are witnessing is the death of Blink-182. This is the final nail in the coffin. Things were never the same after their initial break up, but we wanted to believe them when they said things were getting better. Even though I don’t like the ugliness of the situation, I do like that we’re getting some sort of explanation unlike the previous time where fans were left confused and heartbroken. Is it a shock? A little bit, but when you think about it there might some left over feelings from when Tom started Box Car Racer in 2001 without Mark, which he admitted upset him. Friends can hold grudges for a long time, that’s the way things work out sometimes. There’s more than likely truth coming from both sides of the situation, but all I know is that Blink-182 could not stay together for the kids even though they tried.



  1. If I’m being perfectly honest, Neighborhoods was such a big disappointment to me that I really don’t think anyone could possibly ruin Blink-182’s music any more than Tom could. And this is coming from someone who loves Box Car Racer and Blink-182’s self-titled album, the first of which was almost entirely Tom’s, and the latter seeming to be more Tom’s creation than Mark’s. But after that, Mark and Travis kept killing it and Tom… didn’t. And then they got back together and released an album with like, three decent songs on it followed by an EP with maybe one. I think he’s weighing those guys down.

    1. I can definitely agree there. I liked Neighborhoods and the EP myself, but as time went on it does seem like Tom cared less and less while the others were trying their hardest. I think the two will be better off without him and I really do hope they’ll continue to make music. It’s just bullshit that Tom would agree to come back to the band if his heart wasn’t in it. Why waste Mark, Travis, and the fan’s time like that? Why get everyone’s hopes up? He’s obviously moved on to what he really wants to do and it’s not fair of him to keep the other members back when they want to create music. I definitely agree with you.

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