“Mona Lisa” – Dead Sara

downloadRelease Year: 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Rock and roll shall be saved again! Dead Sara are back with a new song from their upcoming album Pleasure to Meet You. The first single from the new LP “Mona Lisa” is an interesting step forward for the band. Known for their heavy, hard rock, gritty sound and ass kicking attitude, this song finds them turning down the heavy to make way for a subtle soul influence that works way better than it should.

The track opens with finger clicks and soulful humming that sounds like it was ripped from old Southern music. It pulls you in, but leaves you wondering where the band are going with this. Then comes on singer Emily Armstrong proud and strong as she sings “Come on baby/show me your favorite/I’m as addicted to the lips of your cigarette.” She is an amazing vocalist with a gritty, gruff voice that can go sweet out of nowhere. She pulls off this dynamic in the middle of the verse when the music goes silent and she quietly whimpers “I could be dead.” It’s a small vulnerable moment in an otherwise wild song.

What’s refreshing is how they change up their sound. It’s very subtle, but really effective. It gives fans a different side of Dead Sara, but it’s good to know they haven’t abandoned their hard rock roots. The heavy drums and dirty guitar riffs are all over this track and come to a full force towards the end. This is where everything grows louder and more intense as the song climaxes to finish.

The song gets 8.5/10. It might throw older Dead Sara fans off with how it starts, but by the end they’ll be rocking out and begging to hear it again. Not only have the band kept their hard rock, heavy sound that made them turn heads, but they’ve mixed it with some soul to really make the song pop. It shows them moving forward with their music meaning they’re not content with staying the same. “Mona Lisa” definitely spells good things for the new album.


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