rose ave. – You + Me


Release Year: 2014

Rating: 6.5/10

I was shocked to learn about this band, which features Pink and Dallas Green. I only found out about them a month ago. It’s a bigger surprise that it’s a folk duo, something we’re not used to hearing from the singer. Though I’m not a folk fan, I decided to give it a chance; I was curious to see if she could pull it off. Surprisingly, she can. They both sound excellent together, with Green being a really talented singer in his own right. It may not be for everyone, but there are a couple of tracks worth your time.

The opening track “Capsized” is the best on the album. Something about the mysterious aura, the haunting vocals, and the desolate vibe of the song pulls you in. It doesn’t feel like your traditional folk song even though the elements are there. Maybe it’s the creepy tone or bleak lyrics like “We’ve got a long way to go/Winds are howlin’/I can feel it in my bones/Are we drownin’?” grabs your attention. Either way, it’s hard to deny how good the duo sounds when their voices mingle together. Green’s voice is sweet while Pink’s is powerful. If anything, this track will get you excited for what’s about to come. Unfortunately, it didn’t manage to live up to it for me.

As I mentioned I don’t listen to folk music because it’s too slow for my tastes. This is problem I ran into with the rest of the songs here. Both of them still sound amazing on tracks like “Gently,” “Love Gone Wrong,” and “Second Guess,” but the mellow mood never changed. I can handle these tracks if they were mixed in with some mid-tempo ones, but getting them one after the other grows boring. Also, the music begins to sound the same after a while: bare bones acoustic guitar. Some other musical elements could’ve been added to liven up the music a bit.

What I do appreciate about the album is it makes you realize what a beautiful singer Pink is. Her awesome voice comes out just fine on her own records, but since the music is stripped back, you can hear how powerful it is. It’s stunning. Also, since she’s not wearing her bad ass skin she sounds so vulnerable. It’s as if we’re seeing a different side to her. Even though I don’t really like the album, I still applaud her for being ambitious and doing something that you would never expect of her.

The album ends with a cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.” I was pretty excited to hear this because it’s one of my favorite songs and they did a good job with it. They managed to turn this song about love into something haunting and sad, especially with the somber music softly playing. They really made the song their own and made sure it fit in with the vibe of the entire album. It’s one of those tracks where you may not realize it’s a cover until you look it up.

I feel a little weird ranking the album since I’m not the biggest folk fan, but I’d give it 6.5/10. Things start off really strong and interesting, but after the first track it goes for a traditional folk sound. Personally, I found the songs too slow and dull for my tastes. If anything, the album shows how talented and diverse Pink is as a singer. It also, the wonderful voice of Dallas Green brings out the best in her. If you’re a fan of hers you may not like the album, but I would recommend at least checking it out a few songs.


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