Notable Releases of 2014

Disappointing Album of 2014:


Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters

I may be in the minority here, but the Foo Fighters’ eight LP wasn’t as mindblowing or epic as they were proposing. A lot of this is probably due to the hype both the album and series received for just about the entire year. This was definitely one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, putting a lot of weight on the LP before it even came out. I think the album is a standard solid Foo Fighters record but nothing else. There are some stand out songs, but the entire thing didn’t meet up to expectations. It kind of sounded like they were doing what they always do when they hit the studio. Now, that’s not a bad thing; it just means right now it blends in with the rest of their material. Honestly, I think both the media and the band were more in love with the concept of the album rather than the music itself. Whereas other albums released this year literally made me shout “oh my god!” this one didn’t hit that sweet spot. As I mentioned in my review, this could be one of those records that gets better over time when everyone forgets the hype and the subsequent HBO show. But as it stands it was one of my low points for the year.

Underrated Album of 2014:


Blood Red Shoes – Blood Red Shoes

Though this is the band’s fourth studio album, they have yet to cross the pond. They are still pretty low key in the States, which is a shame because they’re a kick ass duo that makes raw, moody, rock music. This release saw them embracing more of their hard rock side with an intense sound and vibe. They go garage rock all the way on tracks like “An Animal” and “The Perfect Mess.” But the band knows how to balance out the fast, unchained music with mellow, sweet moments like “Far Away” and “Stranger.” Though all of their albums are pretty good this is by far their best. It feels like they let everything go and let loose. The songs are memorable, the lyrics are intriguing, and they attack head on with their music and sound. Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet.

What Happened… album of 2014:


The Perfect Cult – Deathstars

This album was so dull, boring, and repetitive I didn’t even bother reviewing it. I’ve been a fan of this Swedish metal band for years, so I was pretty pumped to learn they had a new album this year. I listened to the record several times trying to like it and it just didn’t happen. The biggest issue is all the songs sound like their past material. Everything from the music to the lyrics sounds like you’ve heard it all before. Because of this record, I’m not excited for anymore of their future albums. Hopefully, they’ll get some inspiration and make a kick ass LP in the future.

Overall, 2014 was a decent year for music. There were some great releases along with lots of boring ones, but at least we got some good material this year and experienced some awesome comebacks. Let’s hope 2015 proves to be an exciting and promising year for music.


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