Worst Album of 2014


New Crown – Wolfmother

Beyonce releasing an album that no one knew about was innovative. It’s also the cause of several copy cat releases and Wolfmother is one of them. Their last LP, Cosmic Egg, came out in 2009 and two years later the band broke up once again. Frontman Andrew Stockdale even went so far as saying he would never record under the Wolfmother name again. Fast forward to early this year and suddenly there’s a new line up and a new album. This band was one of my favorites of the mid-2000s, so I was beyond excited to get new music from them, that is until I listened to it.

Thing start off really strong with opening tracks “How Many Times” and “Enemy Is In Your Mind.” These songs sound like classic Wolfmother all the way. It has their psychedelic flair, impressive guitar playing, and Stockdale’s wild vocals. While it’s great to know the band stick with their musical roots, it grows repetitive after a while. Barely anything changes with the music and when it does, it sounds like they’re ripping off someone else. “She Got It” is a rip off of The Hives and “I Ain’t Got No” is a poor man’s version of the Stones classic “ Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No).” It’s as if they gave up being creative and said fuck it, let’s copy some stuff.

The rest of the songs are filler. They’re either too boring, too long, or too repetitive to keep your interest for long. After a while you’re wondering when the album will finally end, that is if you don’t turn it off first. A lot of the material is rushed and sounds more like demos. On tracks like “Feelings” and “My Tangerine Dream” Stockdale’s vocals are so buried in messy guitars and fuzzy music you can barely make out his singing. It’s as if the band were more focused on releasing a surprise album instead of making sure it was any good.

It’s a shame that a promising and super talented band like Wolfmother put out such a forgettable album. They would’ve been better off if they announced they were back together with a new LP in the works. Then maybe they could focus on making kick ass music. What they got now is a mediocre album and now they’re out of the spotlight again. They did a short tour following the LP’s release, but we haven’t heard much from them since. Hopefully, their next effort will be more exciting.


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