Touch – Eurythmics



Release Year: 1983

Rating: 8/10

The Eurythmics were one of the most notable bands from the ’80s. Everyone knows their breakthrough single “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and they continue to inspire countless bands today. With the success of the aforementioned song, it would’ve been simple for them to become a one hit wonder, especially in the States. But in 1983 they came back stronger with their third album that finds them exploring all sides of the band. Each song has ear catching music and Annie Lennox’s beautiful voice. If you were expecting the same electro-wave that was found on their biggest hit, then you were in for a surprise.

I fell in love with Lennox’s voice and on the opening track “Here Comes the Rain Again” she sounds radiant and haunting. With the melodramatic tone of the violins and the stark yet memorable synth music mixed in, it remains a timeless song. The mood is very melancholic with Lennox singing “here comes the rain again/falling on my head like a memory/tearing me apart like a new emotion.” Whenever I hear this song, I always think about the video where she’s holding a lantern out in the rain. The duo flips things on “Regrets.” Unexpected harmonica greets the listener while Lennox sounds like a bad ass when she sings “I’ve got a dangerous nature/And my fist collides/With your furniture.” The music is eclectic with a mix of new wave, funk, blues, and a hint of Latin thanks to some blaring horns. It’s a weird track, but one that shows why the duo was so unique and innovative for the era.

It’s hard not to smile when the steel drums and the clapping rhythm of “Right By Your Side” reaches you. It’s an uplifting song about everyone needing love to make their lives better. Some of the percussion and chanting during the bridge gives it more of an African music vibe that helps to keep the fun mood of the track. It’s one of those songs that makes you feel better when you hear it. The intro for “Cool Blue” sounds like it’s being drummed on pipes and gears giving it a mechanical feel. When the funky bass and keyboard comes in it ends up sounding like something from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack (maybe that’s just me). Still, it’s a great song that shows more of their synth/funk side.

Who’s that Girl” has always been my favorite Eurythmics song. The synth heavy music takes a dark turn, which captures the tension of the track. Lennox sounds sly and suspicious as she rattles off vivid lyrics like “The language of love/has left me stony grey.” She sounds downright damning when she says “but there’s just one thing.” It’s still one of their best songs that never gets boring. The duo gets funky on “The First Cut” where everything is upbeat and full of energy. There’s also this weird bubbly synth riff that comes in making you want to dance. The music gets kind of complex on “Aqua” as it starts off exotic and gets crazy with horns that sound like they’re being played backwards. There’s even a creepy moment when a distorted voice comes in and says “Don’t touch me.” It makes you stop wondering if that actually came from the song. I love the dynamic in Lennox’s voice where she sounds commanding and harsh during the verses followed by sounding really soft and sensual. It’s songs like these that show why the Eurythmics were one of the most unique bands of their time.

Overall, the album gets 8/10. While there are some hiccups and some tracks go on for too long, it’s still a really fun record. What made this album so exciting were the different musical styles they explored. You never knew what to expect when the next song started. They jumped between new wave, synth, funk, pop, and blues in a matter of 45 minutes. They may be remembered for their hit singles, but it’s their body of work that makes them innovators.



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