Another Mindless Rip Off – Mindless Self Indulgence

469c__17499.1405394089.300.310Release Year: 2006

Rating: 7/10

For just about every album they release, MSI puts out related EPs filled with b-sides and remixes. They usually do one for each single from said record. While it sounds like a great idea they don’t execute it in the best way possible. This Hot Topic exclusive features five previously unreleased tracks and five remixes. While a lot of the songs are interesting and aren’t that bad, they don’t compare with their other material. Sometimes it actually feels like these were rejects from the album and for good reason.

The strongest song from the mini-album is “My World.” Like most of their music, this one has a hip-hop feel and actually sounds like an old school rap song with interesting sounds and trilling music during the chorus. It also has the humor and weirdness you expect from MSI in lyrics like “Everybody wants a piece of my world/Everybody wants a piece of my… ass.” It also has the simple hook of “No no no no no no” that’ll get stuck in your head. This track could’ve easily appeared on any of their albums. “ Pre-teen Violence” has rock inspired music mixed with lots of synth and electronica. While the music is upbeat and catchy, the song itself is just decent. It’s lacking the bratty, aggressive attitude of their other songs and it’s not as memorable.

The best part of “Frying Pan” is the music. It’s a return to the hip-hop flavor mixed with 8-bit sounds that make you feel like you’re in an old video game. It’s catchy, upbeat, fun, and energetic with odd lyrics that are somewhat difficult to decipher: “Out of the frying pan and into the fire/Nobody knows me ‘cept me and my mother/Out of the frying pan, into my Mercedes/This is the dope shit for me and my lady.” It’s better than the previous track, but still not among their greatest. The weakest song is “Lush.” Things start off pretty good with frantic, boombastic music rushing towards you, but when the vocals start everything gets disjointed. Suddenly, the music sounds like a demented circus with various noises playing and it never synchs up well with the singing. By the end, it’s nothing but a mess of looping noise giving you a headache.

There’s not much to say about “Born to be Beheaded.” It has weird lyrics that seem to allude to prostitution (“Hey baby girl wanna fuck?/Poppin’ out my coochie for a buck”) and more of the heavy hip-hop music that infiltrates most of their songs. With Jimmy Urine constantly repeating the title of the song during the chorus, it still manages to be catchy. The remixes come next and honestly, these aren’t bad. The biggest issue with them is it’s all the same song. This means you hear “What Do They Know?” five times in a row. Most of them at least sound different, such as the MSI V. Julien-K & Chester Bennington mix that slows down the track and the Last Word mix that gives it beat box based music. These are mixes you wouldn’t mind listening to, but not one after the other. This is something MSI does a lot. Some of their EPs are ten mixes of the same track. It would’ve been better if they mixed different songs from the album to keep listeners from getting bored. With the way it is, after the second remix you’re ready to stop the album.

Overall, the EP gets 7/10. The EP is definitely a must have for collectors since it’s an exclusive, but if you can’t get your hands on it you’re not missing out on much. None of the unreleased tracks are bad, but they lack the bratty, just-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of their best songs. Still, they’re not horrible to listen to. Regarding the remixes, they’re pretty well done, but since it’s the same song remixed five times the EP gets boring pretty fast. It’s an unremarkable release that doesn’t satisfy fan’s craving for MSI material.


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