Friends in Low Places: My Experience at the Garth Brooks Concert


While I’m not a huge country music fan, it’s something I can tolerate depending on the artist. One of them is Garth Brooks. Since my mom is a long time fan, I know a lot of his songs from my childhood. Still, I didn’t know what to expect when seeing him in concert. Was he just going to be standing there in his cowboy hat strumming his guitar? Well, he did have the hat, but he did much more than stand there. Brooks was anything but boring as he ran, hopped, and skipped across the stage all while singing. He had an abundance of energy, which made fans go wild. It’s been a little over ten years since he’s been on stage and he was clearly excited to be back. Even though he’s been making music since the early ’90s, he stood in awe as the sold out crowd sang every word back to him. There were even times where he got emotional, mentioning how his fans waited for him to return to music. There was also a lot of confetti making it a true celebration of his comeback.

Not only was Brooks entertaining, charming, and funny, he sounded even better than the record. There were a few technical glitches with the microphone, but he sounded on point and in tune on every track. What I really enjoyed is how he still had the same band and back up singers he did 25 years ago. Some of the faces I recognized from his live videos and seeing them stick with him shows there’s a deeper bond between them. The only bad thing about the show was the length. Since it was the early show (wasn’t aware there was a late one) it was cut short to the disappointment of everyone in the arena. Though Brooks did run through his biggest hits like” Thunder Rolls,” “Friends in Low Places,” and “Baton Rouge,” there were still a lot of material the early crowd missed out on. Despite this, it was a good time. Brooks remained genuine throughout. Never once did it feel like he was on stage for superficial reasons. He was obviously thankful for all the fans who came out and really happy to be back on the road. Nothing puts a smile on your face like seeing an artist actually having a good time on stage. I never thought I would go to a country music concert, but I had a good time. Brooks put on a great show and it was amazing to see so many fans psyched for his return. It’s definitely one show I won’t forget soon.


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