Plastic Visions EP

48046_456382897776374_1004413287_nRelease Year: 2014

Rating: 8/10

Plastic Visions is a promising new band with a bratty, brash, and raw sound. It features frontman Kane Stewart and his cousin Brad Shultz on guitar. That’s right, the same Shultz from Cage the Elephant. While there are some similarities between the two bands, Plastic Visions tries to stand out. With their punk/surf and noise rock infused sound, they are an exciting and fresh band in the rock scene. The songs may not be perfect, but that’s what makes them so charming.

Things get started with “Kamikaze.” The music is loud and moves along at a stumbling pace, like its had too much to drink. Here, Stewart lets his raw, gruff vocals fly and they’re pretty good. I have to admit the singing reminds me of Matt Shultz if he smoked three packs a day, but at least their voices aren’t too similar. They may have similar styles, but both have different sounds. The best part of the track comes during the bridge where everything explodes in noise. It’s so hectic and fuzzy it sounds like a cassette fast forwarding out of control. It may not be the strongest track on the EP, but it’s enough to peak your interest.

“Now I Know” has great energy and chaos packed in a two minute track. The rapid, out of control drumming makes your head spin while the guitar sounds like it’s screaming for its life during the solo. It’s one of those tracks where it’s so good, you lose your mind to it. “Little String” is where the band comes more into their own sound. While there’s still plenty of noise to be found on the song, this one has more of a surf rock feel with the dreamy guitar solos infused with the punk attitude. The vibe of the song is raw and spontaneous, like they weren’t sure if they were going to make the song at all.

The best track here is probably “Love Hate.” The surf rock/punk rock infused sound comes to the forefront here. The music is really upbeat and makes you want to jump around. With the distorted guitars it really does manage to sound like a classic punk track from the ’80s. It just has that feel good vibe to it and as Stewart sings “Love hate, love hate” you can picture him running around the stage. The closing track “Bitch, this Ain’t LA” is another strong track. With a guitar riff that runs up and down the neck and the sole, cocky lyric of “Bitch, this ain’t LA” this is the band’s punk rock anthem. Something about it is so fun and energetic. Even though the same line is repeated throughout the song, you feel like it’s meant to be a dig at someone. Midway through, the pace slows down allowing Shultz’s under-water guitar sound to shine before the pace slowly builds back up. It’s great track that shows the band adapting a unique sound.

Overall, the EP gets 8/10. It’s a really promising effort from the band and one that makes you excited for a full length album. While they do share some similarities with Cage the Elephant, they try really hard to create their own chaotic, nosy sound. By the time they’re ready to release their next effort hopefully they’ll fully develop their sound, so they can escape from Cage the Elephant’s shadow. If you love snotty punk rock with lots and lots of noise, check out Plastic Visions. Hopefully, they’ll be the next big thing in rock very soon.


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