What the fuck happened to Priestess?


Back in the mid-2000s, I remember searching for new bands to get into by researching some of my favorite magazines. I wasn’t having much luck, but I decided to check out one more up and coming band before giving up. I looked up their single “Lay Down” and was blown away. That’s how I discovered Priestess. At the time they were notable for their classic rock/psychedelic sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, The Who, and other great bands from the ’60s. Their debut Hello Master was amazing and I could already pick out my favorite songs. What I liked in particular about the band was vocalist Mikey Heppener. His voice had that classic rock n roll sneer with a hint of soul. It really made them stand out.

In 2009 they finally released their second LP Prior to the Fire after fighting with their record label. While I didn’t love it as much as their first effort, it was still pretty awesome with the music and songwriting being more unique and intricate than before. Then they just disappeared. No more albums, no more new songs, no more tours. They had some shows scheduled in 2011 that were canceled and in 2012 they even teased an upcoming performance that was to be their first in a year. That was also suddenly canceled for reason unknown. Their current record label Tee Pee Records has no new updates on them (I even contacted them for updates and they didn’t know what was going on). Oddly enough, the band’s last post on their Facebook is from last year, but it’s only to convince fans to buy their shirts and their last album. They haven’t provided so much as a clue if they band is still active even though many fans have left comments asking what’s going on as recent as last month. Some have assumed it’s over since the members have gone on to other projects. Heppener has his own band called UBT, while Vince Nudo is currently the drummer for Kurt Ville’s backing band.

The question remains: Where the fuck is Priestess?! It’s fine if the band have called it quits or are on an “hiatus,” but they need to come forward and set the record straight for the number of fans asking about their status. It’s not fair to leave fans wondering what’s going on when they could easily make a post saying the band has ended. Until then we are left wondering.

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