Take Off Your Pants and Jacket: Bonus Tracks – Blink-182

toypajRelease Year: 2001

It’s not surprising when an artist has one or two bonus tracks on their LP. There may even be a secret song on the record, but for their fourth album Blink-182 went beyond that. They released six bonus tracks; the catch is only two a piece were released on separate editions of the album. It’s kind of shitty, especially because there weren’t any copies that had all the songs, but they are no problem to find now. Some of the bonus tracks sound like rejects from the LP while others are just joke songs. Still, there are some great tracks well worth your time.

The theme of shitty relationships continues on “Time to Break Up.” The lyrics list all the annoying things girlfriends do only to then realize how it was a mistake to end the relationship. It’s not much, but with the playful guitar riff and catchy hook it manages to be decent enough. The best part about the track is the frantic pace of the music during the chorus. It sounds like everything from the drums to the bass is speeding along, as if they’re trying to win a race. “Mother’s Day” is not a song you want to play for your own mother. It’s basically just Mark repeating “fucking, and sucking, and touching” while an acoustic guitar plays. For the chorus he then sings “It’s mother’s day.” Trust me it’s much funnier than I’m making it sound. He somehow makes it all sound so catchy. It’s one of their best joke songs that you can’t help but sing out loud when you hear it.

What Went Wrong” is the best bonus track from the album. It’s another hint of the direction they would take for their next effort. Again, it’s about the end of a relationship, but what makes it stand out is how Tom sounds vulnerable, hurt, and bitter as he asks “what went wrong.” Its stripped back vibe gives it a melancholic tone, especially when more instrumentation is added during the bridge. It does a really good job at capturing the loneliness of this guy. For some reason the final lyrics of “I’m kicking/out fiercely at the world around me/what went wrong” have always stuck out to me. I’m not sure why, but they’re my favorite from the song.

If you couldn’t tell from the title “Fuck a Dog” is another one of their joke songs. Yeah, it’s pretty gross as Tom and Mark yell about how they want to, well you know. The best part about the track is when Mark starts singing in a Mexican accent while talking as a pirate. The music then stops, as if Tom is saying “What the fuck?” Mark then says, “It’s a Mexican pirate.” It’s a little unexpected moment from the track that gives you a chuckle. “When You Fucked Grandpa” is pretty straight forward. This one manages to be more disgusting than the dog song because Mark provides vivid detail about having sex with grandpa. The redeeming part of the track comes when Hoppus goes on a little rant about how fucking grandpa is gross.

Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” has a great musical build up when it starts getting you pumped for what’s about to come. Even though it’s yet another song about bad relationships, the music is fun, upbeat, and full of energy. The lyrics may be bitter, but you can’t help but start jumping around when it comes on. Out of all the bonus tracks, this is the one that could’ve easily fit on TOYPAJ. In a nutshell, the songs are great, though some of the joke ones are off putting. Some of the material is very similar to what is found on the album, while a few provide small hints of their next musical direction. Unlike most artists, Blink makes sure these songs are worth your time.


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