Spooky Tricks – My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

51YU1Qj8z8L._SL500_AA280_Release Year: 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Thrill Kill Kult have been spreading their infectious, sexy, groovy music for almost 30 years. Never one to be pigeonholed no two albums of theirs is alike. The same goes for their latest release. Here, they reference some of what they’ve done in the past with ’70s inspired grooves and new wave sensibility, but with electronic elements added in, the band shows how they’re always evolving. The LP is full of songs that’ll get you dancing no matter where you are. It shows TKK has still got it and they sound damn sexy while doing it.

Things kick off with “Room on the Moon.” It has the staples of a classic TKK song: weird samples from various sources and odd, scary sounds to greet the listener. But once the drums start pulsating and the music builds up around it, you know you’re getting something new from the guys. The addition of synth beats and riffs make it sound like it’s fit for a rave. Once Groovie Mann growls “If I give you some money will you come to my room?” you know you’re in for a trippy ride. From there the music gets so chaotic you can’t distinguish what’s going on. It just shows the different elements they include in their songs.

Along with synth riffs and techno beats, the funk the band loves so much makes its way onto these songs. It comes out the most on “Monti Karlo.” The slick horns and throbbing groove makes this track sound like a perfect fit for a disco club. They also throw in a snake charmer like riff during the chorus to give it a hint of sexiness. Another song inspired by funk grooves is “Neon Diva.” While it does have that sleek groove to it, there’s a part where the music gets dark and spooky. It sounds like a backing track to a campy horror movie. These mixes of funk and creepy are what keep the songs fresh and makes sure the band aren’t repeating themselves.

It’s clear the band haven’t lost their sexy style. Just about each song is dripping with dirty sex. “Bella Piranha” doesn’t hide anything as the chorus rings “Why is everybody staring at my body?” The entire track is in-your-face with its sex drive and isn’t ashamed of it. It’s actually one of the catchiest songs on the LP and has an infectious rhythm full of electronic noise and Latin inspired horns. Definitely one of the best tracks here. You find more of the same sexiness on “Diamonde Doll.” The sensual slow music mixed in with jazz makes it perfect for a sexy night in. It’s like it was made to be a good porn groove.

Thrill Kill Kult haven’t lost their touch; every song is great. Whether they touch on dirty sex like the aptly named “Sex Witch” or highlight drugs as on “Dope Freek” they always want to keep you dancing. “The Way We Live Now” is full of energy and is so upbeat it’s impossible to sit still when you hear it. As always Groovie Mann drops some alluring lyrics: “A game of sex roulette/that’s all you’re gonna get.” Old school TKK fans will love “The Strange Ones.” It’s reminiscent of the scary, but interesting sound found on their debut. The music screeches and howls while the beat skips along. What gives it that classic sinister touch are the distorted vocals making each word sound evil and violent.

Overall, the album gets 8.5/10. 27 years strong and TKK still love to change their sound. Even though some of the songs make you think of the grooves and beats on their previous efforts, it never sounds like they’re repeating themselves. The music is still wild, hot, trippy, and sexy all backed by an irresistible groove. All the elements of classic TKK are there: sex driven lyrics, dope references, and samples galore, but it doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before. Thrill Kill Kult still knows how to shock and surprise their fans.



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