25 Years of Disintegration


Kyle Broflovski called it “the greatest album ever” and he may be right. The Cure released their groundbreaking album Disintegration 25 years ago today. Though I didn’t have time to write an elaborate piece about why the record still matters today, it’s so important I couldn’t let the day pass without saying something. It’s an amazing album. Every song is filled with such emotion, thoughtfulness, and misery for the most part. There are times when the songs are beautiful (“Last Dance”) and there are others where they’re slightly disturbing (“Lullaby”). Something about the record makes it feel like the one Robert Smith’s been building up to ever since he formed the band in the late ’70s. And while the band have had good albums since this one, nothing comes to close to it.

For many this is the essential Cure album and it’s easy to see why. Songs like “Lovesong” are sweet and pretty simple, but then you hear something like “Same Deep Water As You” or “Homesick” and things get pretty complex. It’s definitely one of those of albums where you latch on to a few catchy songs when you first hear it, only appreciating some of the slow burning songs at a later time. That’s how it was for me when my brother handed me the CD at the age of 13. There were quite a few songs I liked and it made me a Cure fan, but it wasn’t until I got older that I got deep into the album and discovered how amazing it was. The Cure will be remembered for numerous things, the main one being Robert Smith himself, but the first thing people should think of when they hear the name is Disintegration.

To celebrate, go and listen to this amazing album in full. Remember your favorite songs and appreciate the passion Smith puts in every track. Maybe hearing this epic LP again will tie you over until the release of 4:14 Scream.



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