Musical Rant: Record Store Day Madness


Record Store Day has come and passed. It was a good year mainly because I got everything I wanted this time around. But even if I don’t buy anything I always loved the idea of RSD. There are tons of awesome independent record stores where people can get their favorites or even discover new music. This is a day dedicated to those places. Also, it’s a way to get people excited about physical albums in a world where everything is digital. Something about the shiny thick vinyl and the vibrant art work you can actually hold gets you excited. It’s just a great day to appreciate music. But of course there are some drawbacks that seem to get worse every year.

Waiting in line is pure torture. I stood in line for two hours waiting for the store to open and then another twenty five minutes just to purchase my items. That about killed me. The whole time I went between hating myself for standing in the cold to being paranoid about my releases selling out to vowing not doing this again next year (I probably will). Then you see the people who camped out over night and think “How stupid” while you secretly wonder if that’s what you should do next year to get first dibs. Next to you are probably the braggers who talk about their past RSD experience and whatever they got last year, wearing it like a badge of honor. I get it, you’re excited you got one out of 100 copies of some obscure album but chances are no one else cares.

While you’re waiting you’ll see people ahead of you whose friends saved them a spot. This makes you seethe with envy, making you wish you had friends who were willing to save you a spot so early in the morning. Hipsters and music snobs are annoying, but they aren’t the worst of the bunch. That honor would go to the greedy fucks. These are the people who only see dollar signs when RSD comes around. They buy as many exclusive releases as they can only to flip them for higher prices. One eBay search will show just about every RSD release online for exuberant prices. To give you an idea, a CD copy of Green Day‘s Demolicious is going for 50 bucks. I only paid 14.99. What’s even worse people are actually buying them up. I’ve even seen people who try to sell freebies they may get. One year when I went, one guy brushed past me to grab half of the free demos the store put out.

RSD was established for music lovers everywhere. It’s a chance for fans to get their hands on some great music and experience the wonders of vinyl. These people are taking cool merchandise out of the hands of fans who would actually appreciate the release. But that’s what the greedy fucks bank on: people so desperate to get something from RSD or the people who couldn’t make it to their favorite record store in time. I understand people who are trying to sell music merchandise they already own, but these are people who are going out of their way to buy albums they don’t even want just to make a profit. It’s a shame that this day made for music fans to get limited releases by the artists they love is being exploited by people who want to make a quick buck. It just goes to show there’s always some asshole out to ruin a good time for every one else.

This is one of the main reasons I dislike RSD. Not only do I convince myself I won’t get the releases I want, they’ll most likely be on eBay within the hour. This practice is getting worse with every year and even though stores themselves are doing the most curve this, it’s not stopping anytime soon. It’s really unfortunate because it seems like RSD is going to be associate with the greedy people and will take on a new negative connotation. It’s a shame that a day started for music lovers by music lovers is slowly being turned into something greedy, exploitative, and awful.



  1. I didn’t go this year=( I wanted a few things but I’d already set aside the $ for other stuff. The release I really wanted was a UK RSD release anyway so I couldn’t get it here. Last year I basically snuck out of work, got in line, found the last copy of my record and got back to work without getting caught. Although my boss did ask me where I was, nobody seemed to realize I’d been gone for over an hour. It was kind of awesome.

    I agree with “people making a quick buck”. I hate walking in and two things happen: There are sellers scrambling to snatch up releases to mark up on amazon & ebay or for their own shops and then somebody like me can’t afford it OR customers grab releases and basically hold them hostage in order to trade for the stuff they want. Do they do that at your record store? It’s really aggressive and annoying.

    Similarly I love buying used books for many reasons. Each year I pay a few bucks to become a “friend” of my local library so I can line up on the first day of their used book sale and get first dibs. Last year there were book dealers there that almost ruined the whole thing. They got in line first with their own boxes and then rushed into the sales room grabbing as many books as possible and standing in people’s ways. One of them was checking each book’s worth with his smartphone. Really pissed me off.

    1. Hahaha nice one!!! That reminds me of the time I snuck out of work to meet a band at my local record store! So worth it. But no, I’ve never heard of customers holding releases to trade them. That is crazy. The record store I went to had all the releases behind the counter and you had to give them a list of what you wanted. They would then tell you whether or not they still had it. So it was very well organized, but I saw so many people leaving with tons of vinyl that I could tell they were going to resell.

      I go to thrift stores to get my books and what I notice are people with mini scanners trying to find ones they can make money off of, so I can understand where you’re coming on the used book thing. It really sucks. I understand making extra is always nice, but still if that means taking the product away from people who actually want it to enjoy, it’s just bogus. Usually when I come across the scanning people at the thrift I grab whatever books are in front of them and walk away hoping that it was something in there they wanted. Then I’ll put it back when they leave 😛

      1. I understand needing to make money and we are capitalists but jeez, have some decency! Same thing with tickets…can’t tell you how many times I tried to buy a ticket(happened a month ago with lana del rey) and they were sold out but I found tons of tickets marked up hundreds on resell sites.

        Wow! I had no idea some places did RSD that way. Here you walk in and they have tables & displays throughout the store w/the releases, so everybody just spreads out. Last year I couldn’t through to the 7″ display because the floor was so clogged with people. Eventually I squeezed through and that’s how I found my last copy, then I waited in line for about 20 minutes to cash out. It sounds like your store’s method works much better even though the waiting is probably really agonizing. It’s better than literally being pushed around by other shoppers and having to bargain with a stranger to get your record. Ridiculous!

        What band did you go meet? That sounds like a rad story, did you write it before?

      2. No, it’s not cool for people to take advantage of an awesome day like RSD for their own profit. It’s like when Skylanders first came out and some people starting buying up all the figures and tried to sell them for 50 bucks and higher. The figures only cost 10! It’s stupid and manipulative.

        Wow…that sounds horrid. You can’t just unleash hungry people on exclusive vinyl. That sounds like a black friday set up!! Yeah, the way it was handled where I went was really great and it was only one title per customer, so you couldn’t try to get two copies of one thing. But you’re the wait…bah. Two hours for the place to open and then we had to wade through the line, but the staff were really on it, so it was okay. My feet weren’t very happy though!

        The band I snuck out to see was Cage the Elephant. I didn’t specifically write about it, but I might have mentioned the event in another article. They were so freaking nice! I even got a hug from the singer, so it was the best day! They even signed all the stuff I brought in, so it was definitely worth it.

        With tickets I always get nervous about buying them. What I usually do is just sit there and wait til they go on sale, so Friday at 9:57 I’m waiting til 10 so I can buy some otherwise I would be stuck getting them from other vendors like you mentioned. That’s why I stick with ticketmaster and the like. I really hate their fees, but I have no other choice because places like Stubhub are trying to sell a 40 ticket for 100!! That’s why presale kind of suck. On one hand if you can get in on them they’re cool, but it also lets those greedy fucks get the tickets first :/

      3. Ha I do the same thing usually…I’m ready to buy my tickets a few minutes before they go on sale. Sometimes I find out about shows days or weeks after they go on sale & that’s where I run into trouble with them being sold out & prices hiked up. Normally I check songkick & pollstar often so I don’t miss dates but sometimes I do. Ticketmasters fees are insane. I’ve noticed a lot of artists’ tickets being sold on ticket web & tickefly sites like that. They’re so much cheaper & easier, I wouldn’t mind if more venues switched over to them.

        Your Cage the Elephant story work make a good written story! You should write about it.

      4. Ah, I see. Yeah I’m subscribed to so many tour newsletters so I never miss out! I get such anxiety when I’m planning on buying tickets. But sometimes those fees stop me from buying tickets. They are insane, but until something else better comes along it’s something I gotta deal with.

        Well, I’m going to see Cage the Elephant next month, so I might find a way to work that story in my concert review. 😉

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