20 Years…



Kurt Cobain

1967 – 1994

20 years ago today Kurt Cobain’s body was found in the green house of his home. Depending on which theory you go with details from there get a little muddied. It was an unbelievably sad day for the fans, but especially those close to Cobain. The general world lost a talented soul, but others have lost a husband, a son, a friend, and a father. Thinking about that and the whole event is even more tragic. Everyone knows what a talented writer, musician, and songwriter Cobain was. He also was a good person. He stood up for gay rights and women’s rights, not caring that it would stop people from listening to his music. And from several pictures we can see he was a doting father. As a fan this time of year is always sad, but I can’t even imagine how those closest to him live with the thought of him being gone every day. But let’s not focus on the greenhouse or the disturbing photos. Let’s not focus on murder or suicide. Let’s remember the music: how it makes us feel, what it makes us do, and why we love it so much. Don’t focus on Cobain’s depression or other sad issues. Let’s remember him for his humor, quirkiness, and songwriting. As each generation keeps discovering the band it’s clear that Cobain will never be forgotten.


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