Musical Rant: Lay Off

Vanilla Ice performs "Ice, Ice Baby" and shows off tattoos at Labor Day Bash in the Hamptons

I was hanging out with my friends recently and we got started about music. It was fine until we got to the topic of Vanilla Ice. I know he’s apparently not cool, but I just couldn’t understand the way they were trashing him. No, he doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but is he the worst artist out there? No way, that title would go to any one of the mind numbing pop acts out today. Really, when you look at his career, he’s an innovator. “Ice Ice Baby” is still a classic. Whether you love it or hate it, people around the world know what it is. You can’t deny that. And admit it, you dance to it whenever you hear it.

Maybe you guys don’t know that not only is he a talented rapper, he’s a great beat boxer. Just listen to the song “Havin’ a Roni.” It’s nothing but Vanilla Ice beat boxing while occasionally saying “Havin’ a Roni.” It’s so simple, but it shows off his talent flawlessly. I’m sure he was inspiration to other great beat boxers, like Justin Timberlake. But what about that awful movie, you ask? Okay, so the movie was bad, but if you ignore his acting and just focus on those ground break dancing moves and his lyrical prowess, like on the song “I Love You,” it allows you to appreciate it in a new way. At least he was ambitious enough to try a new medium.

By now you guys know I love Eminem. Let me say Vanilla Ice could definitely hold his own against Slim Shady. How can you say lyrics like “Cryin’ over a girl, boy, you’re insane/She treats you like a dirty diaper/Use you one time and then she wipes you out/You understand what I’m sayin’?” aren’t awesome as hell? Also, which rapper would have the balls to do a song about the Ninja Turtles, but Vanilla Ice? By doing that he showed that he’s humorous and an all around likeable guy. People write him off as a joke but he’s an innovator. He doesn’t let anything keep him down. Though people dismiss him, he keeps putting out strong albums like Hot Sex, Bi-Polar, and Vanilla Ice is Back! To top it all off, he now makes a nice living fixing up houses and even has his own HGTV show. I don’t do a lot of house projects, but I will proudly say I have three Vanilla Ice fixtures in my house.

Okay, maybe you think I’m nuts, but allow me to share with you the video that made me see Vanilla Ice in a new light.









Happy April Fools.


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