A Night in Bodom: Children of Bodom at the House of Blues

COB2Children of Bodom at the House of Blue, March 25 2014

I love Children of Bodom. Ever since I found them while watching random music videos, I’ve been a fan. This year I actually had the pleasure of seeing them live and all I have to say is what an adrenaline rush. It was a night filled with metal with Tyr and Death Angel as the opening acts. While Tyr was kind of bland, they actually sounded like Deathklok, Death Angel was pretty good. It was hardcore metal at it’s finest. Hard guitars and awesome vocals that harken to Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford. The band was also really likable. Throughout the night singer Mark Osegueda would thank the crowd for coming out, how we were the toughest city around, and shared stories of the band performing there since the ’80s. They even did a little tribute to the late Oderus from Gwar. It wasn’t much, but it was nice to see a small moment dedicated to him.

Then it was Bodom’s turn. There were no band antics, no talking to the crowd first. They walked out and launched straight into “Sixpounder,” one of their heavier, harder songs. Everyone in the room felt the vibe the band gave out. The energy grew more and more intense as they slayed through “Living Dead Beat,” “Bodom Beach Terror,” and “Halo of Blood.” They slowed things down a bit for “Scream for Silence,” offering the crowd a chance to catch their breath. After that, Alexi asked “Do you guys want to hear some old Bodom? Something from our first album?” Of course we did and they treated us to “Hate Crew Deathroll.”

Let me just say Alexi is amazing. From listening to music I knew he was an awesome guitar player, but seeing him perform live is a different experience altogether. He’d take center stage, cock his head to the side, and let his fingers fly. He did it with such style he made it look easy. Also, I loved the way he would jump in the air or around the stage. All through the night he would stand on the side and stick out his tongue, offering fans a great photo op. Keyboardist Janne Warman was awesome too. The way he glided his fingers across the keys looked unreal. I loved it when the two of them played side by side on songs like “Lake Bodom.” During some breaks, Warman started playing weird ’80s songs like the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop. It seemed appropriate since the band loves weird covers.

Some of the best moments were when they played “Are You Dead Yet?” and “Angels Don’t Kill.” I figured they would play the first song because it’s one of their most popular tracks. Still, it was amazing to hear live and it caused one of the biggest circle pits of the night. “Angels Don’t Kill” was a treat because it was something I thought they would never play. This is one of the songs I really liked when I first got into the band. This was another one that got the crowd going. They even did another favorite “Hate Me!” which got everyone singing “I don’t give a fuck if you hate me!” It was these songs that got my blood pumping the most.

When they were about to end Alexi said “Even though we’ve had a great time, this will be our last song.” When the crowd booed, he responded “No? We’ll see about that.” They closed with “Downfall.” All through the night I could only think of one song I wanted to hear. I knew they would come back for an encore and I hoped I would get my chance. When they came back and the guttural riff started, I got my wish. “In You Face” saw the crowd erupt into chaos. I lost my mind. This is the song that got me into Bodom. Again, it was another song that got the people on their feet and singing along with the band. It had to be the best moment of the night. My neck is still in pain from all the headbanging I did during the song.

I don’t know if Bodom is one of those bands I would see regularly, but I’m glad I had the chance to experience them live. They’re a great band that puts all their energy and soul into performing. It comes out loud and clear. They put on an amazing show, seemed to really love the crowd, and just had fun. If you like Bodom, make sure you get a chance to see them live. They’re an amazing band that knows how to kick your ass.

Living Dead Beat
Bodom Beach Terror
Halo of Blood
Scream for Silence
Hate Crew Deathroll
Lake Bodom
Follow the Reaper
Dead Man’s Hand on You
Are You Dead Yet?
Angels Don’t Kill
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!

In Your Face
NOTE: the setlist might be wrong. I can’t remember it very well and it’s not up online yet.


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