10 Overplayed Radio Hits that Affected How I Listened to Them

Having your favorite song play on the radio is both a thing of joy and a disaster. You’re happy of course because your favorite track is getting some love. But it can quickly turn into a curse when radio stations begin playing the song 24/7. Soon you can’t stand the song and suddenly you can’t listen to it for a year. This has happened numerous times, but it’s only recently that I noticed how many times I stopped listening to a song due to radio overkill. Here are the top ten songs radio killed for me.

10. “Hey Ya” – Outkast

Who didn’t love this song when it first came out? It was an odd number from Outkast, but it was catchy as hell and spawned a catchphrase that we say when being nostalgic (Shake it like a Polaroid picture). Funny enough, it didn’t matter if I heard this single ten times in one day, I listened to it each and every time and was happy. I loved the song so much I actually considered getting Speakerboxxx/The Love Below just for that track. I cooled off of it the following year when radio was still pumping it through the airwaves. For some reason, that’s when it hit me how overplayed the song was. After that, I blocked it out of my memory. It’s not until recently I was reminded of the song’s existence and while I didn’t mind hearing it, I didn’t want to hear it again five minutes later.

9. “The Reason”- Hoobastank

Hoobastank’s previous single was a moderate hit for the band, but this song gave them huge success. Something about the bittersweetness of it and the oddly catchy tune makes it a really good song and one that I loved the year it was released. But of course since people couldn’t get enough of the sappy song, it was played everywhere. Change from one station to another and there it was again. By the end of the year I was sick of this song and the band themselves. Now, I listen to think and while I think it’s sappy, it’s a decent enough single. But I can’t say that I would listen to it regularly. It’s a mixture of overexposure and growing out of the song. Sorry, Hoobastank,

8. “I Don’t Want to Be” – Gavin Degraw

I don’t know what it was about this song, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever when it first came out. It had a decent hook, was fun to sing, and had a decent message about being yourself. At the time, I felt like me and my friend were the only ones who liked the song. Then some months later it popped up everywhere: on the radio and even in some commercials. After hearing it so many times and realizing Degraw actually sounds kind of weird when he sings, I moved on. I guess I thought it was my song and then suddenly it wasn’t (stupid right?). I only remembered the song because they’re still using it in trailers today. Like a lot of the songs on this list it’s not bad, but I can’t bring myself to actually listen to it on a regular basis.

7. “You and Me” – Lifehouse

Lifehouse was one of those bands that enjoyed moderate success. They had a decent hit with “Hanging by a Moment,” but it was this sappy ballad that gave them one of the hottest songs of 2005. And yes, I liked it a lot. But radio wasted no time with playing the song 24 hours a day. It was on every station and everyone’s playlist for the year. If you look into it more, I’m sure you’ll find numerous couples who used it for their wedding song. Now when I listen to it I don’t know what I liked about it. It’s not that great, it’s kind of cheesy, and the guy sounds like he has a mouth full of cotton.

6. “All Star”- Smash Mouth

If there was one song I loved in 1999 it was “All Star.” Catchy, fast, and fun to sing, it had the makings of one of those singles you never get tired of. Of course it was plastered all over the radio, but what really killed it were television stations like Nickelodeon who figured out kids loved the song as well. Suddenly, it was in all of their promos, ads, and plenty of commercials for movies etc. It’s bad enough the song was included on the soundtrack for the awful Mystery Men, but being bombarded with the song for 24/7 was too much. Even now I can only listen to it sparingly. But I’ll always remember when I would sing this song every time it came on the radio.

5. “Beautiful” – Christina Aguliera

As someone going through high school and puberty, this song really spoke to me. It had a great message and it was gracefully sung by a strong Aguliera. At the time, I thought it was a masterpiece. I knew all the words and sang them out with passion every time the song came on. Little did I know everyone around the country felt the same. After the second month of hearing “Beautiful” several times a day, I was done with the song. Listening to it now, it’s still a great, heartbreaking song, but I can’t bring myself to even put in on my Mp3 player. But my new favorite version of the track definitely comes from Mean Girls.

4. “In The End”- Linkin Park

This was one of those songs you either loved or hated and as someone who thought Linkin Park made you badass, I loved it. It had a great hook, a cool somber piano riff, and a mix of rap and rock I couldn’t get enough of. But if there was one song that was overexposed in 2001 it had to be this one. Soon every radio station was playing it. It appeared on all the late night radio top ten shows and just about every television appearance the guys made, they played this track. Hearing it now, I don’t love it as much as I did before. While there are moments I can actually let it play without hitting the skip button, I’ll never love it as much as I did the year it came out.

3. “Lady Marmalade” – Christina Aguliera, Lil’ Kim, Pink, Mya, Missy Elliot

Who didn’t love this song when it came out? Four bad ass chicks looking sexy and talking dirty. What more can you ask for? These artists took a sultry classic from LaBelle and revamped it for a new generation. This was another one of those tracks I couldn’t get enough of. I even sat by the radio ready to record it on a cassette when it came on. When I got my first Mp3 player, it was one of the first songs I added. But now my brain is tired of the song. I still think it’s awesome, but it’s one those tracks I can only listen to once a year. I guess the overexposure really got to me.

2. “Lose Yourself” – Eminem

This is one of those songs where the dirty guitar riff starts and everyone loses their shit. I don’t know what it is with this single that people love so much; maybe it’s Eminem, maybe it’s his passion, or maybe it was the movie. Either way, it was a hands down hit when it first came out. Even now it’s still one of his biggest hits. Along with “My Name Is…” this will be the song he’ll be known for. And as a dedicated Eminem fan, I fucking loved it. I watched the movie, I had the soundtrack, and every time it came on I went nuts. But by the end of the year I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I heard it almost everyday for the rest of the year and I couldn’t take it anymore. Unfortunately, the excessive radio play has made where I still can’t listen to the song. I even got rid of the soundtrack. I still think it’s a great track, but I’ll stick with his other songs for now.

1. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” – Green Day

Everyone knows 2005 was a phenomenal for Green Day: American Idiot was a success, they were winning awards left and right, and every song released from the album became an instant hit, including this one. Being a Green Day fan, I couldn’t be happier hearing them on the radio, but I should’ve known bad things were on the way when I heard it on Top 40 stations. Even though I still really liked the song, I quickly fell out of love with it once I heard for the hundredth time that year. The fact that it was inescapable made it so I wouldn’t listen to the song on my own. Every time I played the album this was one track I skipped past. It wasn’t until two years ago when I heard the song and remembered how good it was. Luckily, I can finally hear the song without groaning.

Honorable Mention:

“A Thousand Miles” – Vanessa Carlton

I was never in love with this song. I thought it was okay but overall too safe and plain for my tastes. The funny thing is it wasn’t even overplayed on the radio when it came out. No, the thing that gets it a mention on this list is how it’s overplayed now. Thanks to the movie White Chicks, this song has sparked a meme where bros film themselves freaking out in the car whenever the song comes on. The first time you see a video like this it’s pretty funny, but after the tenth one, it gets pretty old. Now, it’s hard to navigate Youtube or even Vine without finding one video portraying this or a similar one like it. It was bad enough White Chicks was a shitty movie, did it have to ruin this song too?


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