Voliminal: Inside the Nine- Slipknot

VoliminalRelease Year: 2006

Rating: 7/10

Things have been hectic in the Slipknot camp lately, what with Joey Jordison being out of the band and Corey Taylor claiming they’ll be fine without him, but let’s go back to when the guys were celebrating 10 years together and released this movie to commemorate the event. Unless you enjoy random closeups of toilets, quick shots of the band on stage, and lots of editing that doesn’t make sense, then you probably won’t enjoy the movie. Rather than providing insight to the band, it feels like an art student movie that would get a C at the most.

Before you even get to the movie you have to deal with the frustrating menu. First, you see different images of a fly in a box. Since it looks like a logo for a film company you think nothing of it…until it keeps repeating. Turns out you have to hit “play” to get past it. Then a Rubik’s cube featuring Slipknot symbols pops up. Once again you have to hit “play” to get to the movie. It may not seem like a big deal, but there’s nothing that hints you have to hit the button multiple times just to get to the feature. The movie itself is confusing, weird, unsettling, and lame. I tired watching it once before and when it was over, I had no idea what I just saw. My reaction was the same watching it a second time.

There is no linear story line to the film. It’s not even following the band around for a week to see what life on the road is like. Rather, it splices together live footage, recording sessions, and random clips featuring crew and sometimes pigeons with lots of editing layered over it. Even when there are moments that show the band backstage, most of the time you have no idea what’s going on. There is almost no context for any of the footage that’s shown. And there are so many questionable scenes you begin to wonder “What does this have to do with Slipknot?” For instance, there are several clips of someone peeing in a toilet and then the same toilet overflowing. Why? At one point there’s a close up of maggots. I get that Slipknot fans are known as “maggots,” but it’s not a pretty sight. Scenes like these instantly turn you off to the film.

Even when you do find a moment to enjoy, like the recording footage, it only lasts for a second before it cuts to something else. It’s like the film was made for people with short attention spans. The only parts I enjoyed were the ones of the band in the studio recording songs like “Vermillion part 2” and “Duality.” If the film had more footage like that it would’ve been a lot better. It also would’ve provided better insight to the band. Unfortunately, the movie takes a different route. Not only is there too much going on that’s just dull most of the time, it’s too long. There was one point when I thought I was halfway through the movie, when I had only watched twenty four minutes. The whole thing is an hour an a half. I would rather watch a bad movie than this thing again.

The only thing that’s redeemable about the release is the bonus material, which features live performances, music videos, and interviews with each member. The interviews are especially interesting because it shows each member unmasked talking about their down time and their role in the band. If anything, this provides the most knowledge about the band and all those involved. They really give you a sense of what it’s like to be in Slipknot, especially when Corey Taylor describes it as “removing a cyst.” The live performances are also good and gives the viewer a good taste of what to expect from these guys on stage. I honestly wish the entire movie had footage like this, where the fans have a chance to get to know the guys better, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Overall, the video gets 7/10. I can appreciate that the band wanted to make an unconventional video, but they went about it all wrong. The quick editing, random shots of toilets, pigeons, and pedestrians, and the out of context back footage, all make you question what you’re watching. It feels like very little of it has to do with the band at all. And while the bonus material is good, it’s not enough to justify buying this release. If you must have it for your collection I suggest paying a small price for it. Luckily, I got it for free, so at least there’s that. Actually, it’s kind of heartbreaking to watch now since there are so many scenes where they talk about being brothers. It just makes you think about where the band is now.


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