2 Years Ago Today…

Today marks the two year anniversary of Radio Not Found. When I first started the blog I never thought I would keep it up with it for so long, let alone actually get followers who were interested in reading what I had to say. This site has given me the chance to reconnect with so many great albums and even learn why I love the records that I do. I hope I have helped some of you do the same thing or even help you to discover your new favorite band.

I started the blog because at the time I was bored, unemployed, and needed something to take my mind off my troubles. I always find solace in music and for some reason I have useless music trivia lodge in my brain. I would share it with my friends, but the majority of them didn’t care. Even when a new album came out, none of them shared my excitement. Someone suggested making a music blog a while ago and I finally thought, what the hell, it can’t be too bad. When I made the first post on Green Day I was so nervous. I thought no one would read and anyone who did would hate it. Luckily, I got some positive feedback, which inspired me to keep writing. Two years later, it’s still going strong.

Though I love music and writing about, I don’t know if I could’ve kept up with the site for so long if no one was interested. So, I wanted to take this time to tell all the followers, readers, anyone who has stopped by the site even once thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you. You guys are awesome and you make this small blog feel really big. The only thing I hope for the site is that people continue to take interest in it and that we can have more of a conversation about music via the comment section.

Since the Q + A thing didn’t really work out, I want to share with you instead some awesome music videos, that began my love affair with music, to kickstart your day. And hey if you still wanted to ask a question, feel free to do so.

This video gave me one of my earliest memories as a kid and has stuck with me ever since.

This was my first exposure to Blink-182

This video used to freak me out as a kid. It even made me vow to not listen to Marilyn Manson (boy did I get that wrong).

Jackson’s music was in the house so much, I practically grew up with him.

This was probably my favorite song back in 1999.

With that I say once again thank  you humble reader. You make writing for the site awesome and exciting because I never know who I’m going to reach next.



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