The 2014 Grammys: The year where the Grammys got good again

Last night, the 56th Annual Grammy awards were broadcasted and even though they usually sucks, it;s my tradition to watch them every year. Much to my surprise, it was actually pretty good this year. Not every moment was perfect, but there was enough to keep me from hitting the mute button. Here are some of my Grammy highlights.

Daft Punk wins Big

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show








I could take or leave most of the nominees for this year’s ceremony, but I was really happy to see Daft Punk nominated for their album Random Access Memories. Of course, it was great to see them take home five awards during the evening. What was even better is how they didn’t say a single word and let Pharrell speak for them instead. Plus, they had one of the best performances of the night. I really loved how they mashed “Get Lucky” with snippets of their other hits like, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and “Around the World.”

Metallica Rocks Out

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show







I’ve been hard on Metallica over the years, even though I like them. While I was excited to hear they would be at the ceremony I wasn’t expecting much from their performance. Luckily, they showed everyone they could still rock out with their electric rendition of “One” featuring pianist Lang Lang. I thought they did an amazing job, but I still can’t get over how old James Hetfield looks.

Pink flies high (again)

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show






Since I’m a huge fan of Pink, I expected the best from her and she delivered. First, she performed her hit “Try,” while twisting, twirling, and flipping through the air. Granted, it was very similar to her performance of “Glitter in the Air” at the 2010 event, but she seemed to pull off more dangerous acrobatics. She then came down, almost out of breath, for a duet with Nate Ruess for “Just Give Me A Reason.” It just shows off how talented she is.

The Ballad of Billie Joe

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show






Though it was short and sweet, Billie Joe Armstrong and Miranda Lambert did a song to honor the late Phil Everly. I think Billie surprised many people with how good he sounded. Actually, both of the singers did a lovely job with the song, even the Everly family couldn’t hold in their emotions while watching them. As always, Billie looked adorable too!

Mega super group

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show






Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, and Dave Grohl on stage at the same time. The only way to describe it is epic. It was an amazing performance. I love how they gave each band enough time to perform one of their songs, with NIN singing “Copy of a” and Queens doing “My God is the Sun.” It was also great to see Dave Grohl behind a drumkit once again. Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham also joined the guys on stage. But since the event ran over, CBS decided to cut it off instead of sacrificing their precious ads. Fuck heads.

Sabbath Awkward Sabbath

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show





Though it was only a brief moment from the legendary band, it was a perplexing one. They were there to introduce Ringo Starr, but Ozzy couldn’t read the teleprompter. After trying one more time, Tony Iommi took over, which left Geezer Butler laughing his ass off. It was weird, but hilarious all the same.

All in all not a terrible show. The one performance that annoyed me the most was Katy Perry. First of all, she is not Stevie Nicks, so I don’t know why she’s trying. Second of all, she is appropriating a style that she never took a part of in the beginning. One minute it’s bright colors and sparkles, the next it’s dark makeup and wearing all black. Katy, decide what you’re doing, okay? But on the plus side, Taylor Swift took home a total of zero awards. The look on her face when they announced Daft Punk as the winners of Album of the year was priceless:

Taylor SWIFTLY Recovers After Getting Prematurely Excited About The Award She DEFINITELY Didn't Win

Note: I know in an earlier post I said a new review would be up today. Don’t worry, that’s still coming, but it’s been pushed back to Wednesday. I didn’t expect the Grammys to be good enough to actually talk about! But here’s another hint: a part of the band was actually at the 2014 Grammys.


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