Worst Album of 2013

How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence– Mindless Self Indulgence


I absolutely love Mindless Self Indulgence and I think they’re one of those bands that have a dedicated fanbase, yet are still pretty much unknown. With all the great music coming out this year there was so much to look forward to, but the new MSI release was one of my most anticipated for the year. Unfortunately I was disappointed with the album. It wasn’t what I expected from them at all and even though most of the songs are decent, none are memorable or even fun like some of their past material.

Things were kind of iffy with the band when they launched a kickstarter the previous year to make the new album. Celebrities using crowd funding to support their projects is nothing new, but what made it annoying with MSI is how they threatened no one would ever hear the album if no one gave them money. Of course they reached their goal way before Christmas. While I didn’t really agree with the route they chose to fund the album, I was still excited nonetheless. All the previews that I heard sounded like the wild, crazy, and in your face band that I knew and loved. When I finally heard the album it was actually kind of boring, which is never something you say about the band.

Granted, there are some pretty good songs that eventually grew on me like “Witness” and “Ala Mode,” but most of the tracks are dull and kind of blend together. Usually, MSI songs make me want to act fucking crazy when I hear them and that’s not the vibe I got when listening to the album. It’s like they tried really hard to recreate that feel and energy they had on all their previous releases, but they missed the mark. Even when listening to the album again for this article, I couldn’t remember half of the songs even though I listened to the record at least six times trying to like it.

Some of the songs feel lazy and added in solely for shock value, like “I Want to Be Black.” While it does have some of their dark humor the song is just dumb and awkward to listen to. Other tracks like “Casio,” “Fuck Machine,” “Jack You Up,” and “Ass Backwards” are okay, but they’re not songs you can listen to over and over again. They’re not necessarily bad, but for some reason they don’t grab your attention and smack you in the face like their other songs. It almost seems like they’re at a point in their career where they feel like they do anything and people will instantly love it.

I’m sure some MSI fans will disagree that this was the worst release of the year, but out of everything I heard this one took the title. It’s not the type of terrible where the songs are so bad you never want to hear them again. Instead, the songs here are just okay, but it’s not something you actively seek out when you want to listen to some MSI. Hopefully, this was just a misstep in their career and their next effort will be even bigger and better than before.


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