You Can Dance- Madonna

You_Can_Dance Release Year: 1987

Rating: 7/10

Remix albums are tricky. There are some that are pretty good and then there are others that seem to exist for no reason. This one falls somewhere in the middle. This compilation takes Madonna’s better songs from her first few albums and makes them longer. Yes, they’re still fun and catchy, but there’s not much about them that make them any different or better than the original version. Still, it’s not a horrible album and would be great for any party.

The opener “Spotlight” is the only new song here and while it’s not bad it’s still kind of cheesy. It has the standard 80’s dance music, which dates the song, yet it manages to be upbeat and kind of catchy. The lyrics are pretty corny with the cliché message of anyone can be a superstar. Regardless, it’s still a fun dance song, but definitely not among her best. Then the remixes come in. It kicks off with the popular “Holiday,” which is a super fun and awesome Madonna song. But aside from some additional background vocals and lengthening bits of the track, there’s not much difference between this and the original version. The same goes for the remaining mixes on the album.

This collection does pick some of the best non-single tracks from Madonna’s first three albums: “Physical Attraction,” “Over and Over,” and “Where’s the Party?” But as mentioned before there’s nothing special about these mixes. They make the song longer, sometimes too long, and highlight different music sections but that’s about it. The most annoying mix here is “Into the Groove.” This track has the biggest differences when compared to the original, but for the worst reasons. Rather than setting it at a different pace or experimenting with the music, it adds repetitive distractions, such as dubbing, random creepy laughter, and slowed vocals that make her sound demented as she sings “dance.” This just shows that sometimes nothing can beat the original.

What is cool about the album is how the songs are put together. For the most part each song segues perfectly into the next without stopping. This makes it perfect for dance parties. The last three mixes on the album are previous remixes of “Holiday,” “Into the Groove,” and “Where’s the Party,” but with almost all the vocals stripped away. These are instrumental tracks with only the background vocals remaining in tact. Not really sure why someone wants to listen to these songs without the lyrics, but maybe these are meant for more dance focused fans.

Overall, the album gets 7/10. It’s not terrible, but you have to be in the right mood to really enjoy this record. For the most part the remixes do nothing more than make the original song longer. The tracklist includes some of the better dance songs from the singer, but it’s not enough to make this compilation worth your time. Maybe if you’re planning a party or if you pick up this record in the cheap bin it’ll be worth getting, but otherwise it’s not the best remix album out there.


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