Can’t Take Me Home- Pink

Rsz_ctmh-1Release Year: 2000

Rating: 7.5/10

Everyone knows that Pink didn’t start out as the rock n roll, pop badass that we know and love now. For her debut she was marketed as an r&b singer and while it is remarkably different from what she does now, some of the songs still have her classic attitude. Also, the songs themselves aren’t bad. Most of them are catchy and fun, but not all of them stand out from the others making the listener tune out halfway through the album. But otherwise it’s a pretty good debut that introduced the world to Pink.

What most Pink fans will notice about this album is that it’s completely influenced by r&b and hip hop music. A lot of the songs have beats and sounds that were popular for the genre at the time. Though it is really different from the rock oriented sound she would take on later on, most of the music is still fun and easy to move to, but some of the tracks haven’t aged well. While “Most Girls” is a classic Pink song that’s catchy and fun to sing along with, it’s a bit dated due to some of the slang that’s used: “Most girls want the man with the bling bling/ Got my own thing, got the ching ching.” It doesn’t really affect the song, but it’s kind of funny. Unfortunately, the ballads like “Let Me Let You Know” and “Love Is Such a Crazy Thing” haven’t aged very well either. The music sounds like the generic tunes used in most r&b slow jams from the 90s. If you’re a fan of that style you might not mind, otherwise it’s off putting.

There are some great songs that feature Pink’s don’t give a shit attitude that she’s now known for. The opening track “Split Personality”is one of the best tracks here that features an interesting duality of having a conversation with herself. The music again is influenced by hip hop, but the lyrical content is similar to her later material: it’s odd and cynical. Another great song is “There You Go.” This is what got me interested in the singer. Her snarky demeanor is all over this track from the way she sings “There you go/looking pitiful” to how she cheerfully yells “Got a new man, he’s waitin out back/now what, what chu think about that?” This is an anthem for anyone in a crummy relationship; she’s telling people to not let men or anyone else step all over them. But no matter how many times I hear this song, I always think about the video where she throws the motorcycle out the window.

“Can’t Take Me Home” is another good song where the singer is blunt as she can be. This was always one of my favorites, but since I was young I didn’t know what she was saying. Now, I love it when she says “Don’t tell me you adore me/don’t say you’re falling for me/cuz all you think about is fucking me.” This line alone shows that Pink was not like the other singers around at the time. She was honest and didn’t have picture perfect views on love. “Hell Wit Ya” is another song that has the singer’s classic sarcastic tone. With its weird music that’s a but disjointed with the lyrics it’s not the best song here, but it’s still decent enough. “Private Show” is another standout track with sleek and catchy music. There’s something about it that sounds really cool and slick.

While the first half of the album is actually good, things get a little dull during the second half. Songs like “Hiccup,” where she does this great hiccup like singing, “Is It Love,” and “Do What You Do,” which has a great be yourself message, aren’t bad but they all kind of blend together. When compared to the other tracks they’re kind of dull. There’s a point in the album where you just want to turn it off and move on to something else. The similar music found throughout the record and the subject matter of men keep doing me wrong gets tiring after a while. It’s really not her fault since she didn’t write all of the songs, but luckily her songwriting has broadened over time.

Overall, the album gets 7.5/10. If you’re looking for the badass rock n roll singer we know now, then this is not the record for you. But if you want to hear where Pink started then it’s worth checking out, especially since there are some really great catchy songs found here. While there are a good number of good songs here most of them begin to sound alike and grow dull after awhile. Granted some elements of the album is dated, such as some of the lyrical references and the music, but it’s still a fun album to listen to, especially if you’re feeling nostalgic.


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