I Don’t Care What you Think; Nsync Still Rocks


Though the VMAs are long over, people are still buzzing about the mini Nsync reunion that happened that night. Of course it should’ve been longer, but for those few glorious seconds it was great to see all five guys back on stage together. I, along with countless other fans, am still holding out hope that Justin will be a bro and do a reunion tour with them sometime next year; I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that. But seeing the frenzy over that mini performance got me thinking about the evolution of Nsync fandom and boy band fandom in general.

If you couldn’t guess I was a huge Nsync fan back in the day. I had the board game, the fantasy dream phone for the PC, the dolls, the teddy bear, the clothes, the bobble heads, and even the mini chap stick. Obsessed wasn’t even the word. I had their pictures everywhere and aside from the Spice Girls, theirs were the only albums I listened to all day, every day. I had my favorite member (JC), my hated member (Justin), and my favorite album (No Strings Attached). I watched every awards show hoping for an appearance from my boys. And even though I loved BSB and Hanson, Nsync were always number one in my book.

As I got older and as the boy band trend died out with O-town, my taste in music changed. The Nsync posters came down only to be replaced by ones of Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, and Green Day. A lot of the CDs I used to have in the 90s I got rid of, but for some reason I could never get rid of the Nsync ones. I didn’t want to erase that part of my past no matter how many people told me it was uncool to listen to “teeny bopper crap.” Rather, I tucked those albums in a box and forgot about them. While my peers were busy ragging on the band and the whole pop genre, there was still a special place for them in my heart even if I didn’t listen to them regularly anymore.

I don’t know when it happened, but years later I heard an Nsync song and to my surprise I remembered every single word. Instead of being embarrassed by it, I started dancing and singing along. The song was actually pretty good just as I remembered. If anything it was really fun and that’s when I decided to fully embrace my teeny bopper past, rather than hide it. Nsync were back in my rotation. I wasn’t obsessed with them anymore, but their songs would pop up in my shuffle more often. Some people even tried to poke fun at me when they heard “I Want You Back” blasting from my mp3 player. I just looked and them and said “So? Nsync is the shit.” Pretty soon, everyone began to agree with me and suddenly we could embrace the boy bands we once loved without embarrassment.

My point is it’s weird how after the boy band trend died out, we were taught that we should bury that part of our lives like it never happened. Most people say they had really bad taste in music back then. But sometime last year it became cool to openly talk about your favorite pop group and even regularly listen to them. I guess it’s nice that people don’t have to feel ashamed anymore, but no one should feel ashamed in the first place. It doesn’t matter if the music is cheesy or if the song is stupid. If it makes you smile and have a good time that’s all that should matter. Whether you want to admit it or not, that teeny bopper past helped to shape who you are now. While I never tried to hide that part of my life, I’m more open about it than I previously was. I liked Nsync, so what? At least they’re better than One Direction or 5ive.

So pop in your favorite Nsync CD, coo over your choice member, and have fun with it. If the VMAs proved anything it’s that people are still crazy about these guys. Hey, their songs aren’t even that terrible. And fellow Nsync-ers, let’s keep hope of that reunion tour alive. If 98 Degrees can do it (which nobody asked for) then Nsync can surely get it together. Come on, Justin. Don’t be a dick.



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