Musical Rant: How I fell out of love with Maroon 5


Back in 2004, everybody loved Maroon 5. You couldn’t away from their highly successful debut Songs About Jane and their songs were all over the radio, but the world didn’t seem to mind so much. In fact, you even sang a couple of them even if it was just in your head. But something happened after their second album. All at once everyone discovered what long time fans already knew: Adam Levine is hot. What’s wrong with that you may say? It’s largely because of him and his television exposure without the band that they now just…suck. I never thought I would actually say that and back in 2004, I would love all this hype Adam is getting. But things are different now.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there who is sick of Adam Levine. Yeah, we get it. He’s hot, he has a nice body, his voice is supposedly good, and he’s a man whore or for you Seinfeldiens he’s a mimbo. But I am tired of seeing his shirtless, oily self all over television and magazine covers. Something about him is just so arrogant now; it’s like he let all the hype get to him. And it even shows in the band. Whereas before Maroon 5 was a collective group now they just seem like Adam Levine’s backing band. This is most evident on their last album, which sucked so much. Everything that made the band good when they first came out was completely absent on this record.  It might as well have been Levine’s solo album. And every time they are on TV, I just roll my eyes and say some cynical remark about their demise. But my disinterest in the band began to wan long before this Adam explosion occurred.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really like Maroon 5’s second album. There’s not much memorable about it, the songs aren’t as catchy, and it’s kind of dull. Since I liked the band so much, I tried really hard to like the album, but finally I had to admit it wasn’t for me. Their third one was a little better, but still didn’t match their first release. And I don’t even need to mention their fourth one. At this point, I’m wondering if I can even listen to them anymore. Whenever one of their songs comes on, even their old ones, I grimace a bit. “Eww, why is his voice so nasally?” (I actually think the same thing when I listen to Smashing Pumpkins also) is usually what is going through my head. At this point, I’m wondering if I should just permanently remove them from my music collection. I guess a bunch of others went through the same thing because I always see their albums at the thrift store.

I absolutely loved their first album and in some cases I still do. It may not be ground breaking or the best thing ever, but every song is a hit. There is not one bad song on that record and I loved every single one of them. I still know all the words by heart; that’s how much I listened to it over the years. Of course it wasn’t until later that I figured out what he was really talking about (answer: sex).  And while I still love some of those tracks like “Sunday Morning” and “Secret,” it’s not near and dear to my heart anymore. You may recall that I posted it on my list of favorite albums. With how I feel about the band now, I would probably remove that entry and replace it with something like Violator or Origin of Symmetry.

And that’s another thing I don’t like about the band now. It’s so obvious now that their songs are about sex. Before it was sneaky and a bit subtle or the song was just so damn catchy you didn’t even notice what he was saying, as in the case of “This Love.” Now, he’s so straight forward with what the songs are about. Also, can’t he ever find something else to sing about? We get it, Adam Levine. You like sex with ladies, but please find something else to write about already.

I’m usually pretty good about sticking it out with a band through the good stuff and the shit, so it really surprises me that I seem to hate Maroon 5 now. I don’t even want to give them anymore chances. At this point I feel like I’m done with them completely. And yes, that includes Adam Levine; I can’t tell you how happy I was when he met his fate on American Horror Story. Maroon 5 may be my first band that I grew out of and I’m okay with that. I’ll probably keep their best songs on my mp3 player for those times when I’m in the mood to sing along and when I won’t mind Levine’s nasally vocals, but I think I can honestly  say I just don’t like them anymore.



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