Remix & Repent- Marilyn Manson

Marilyn_Manson_-_Remix_&_RepentRelease Year: 1997

Rating: 6/10

Remix albums can go either one of two ways: they can be pretty fun with a new spin on some of your favorite songs or they can just go terribly wrong. Most artists fail at their remix attempts with some of the worst ones being HIM and Rob Zombie’s last remix album. It’s no different with this EP, which really shouldn’t be considered a remix album because there are only two tracks that would be considered a remix. The rest are live performances that are decent, but not enough to make this release interesting.

The EP opens with “The Horrible People,” which is a strange remix of “The Beautiful People.” It starts out with Jazz horns and has this 20’s feel in the beginning. At times it reminded me of a Thrill Kill Kult song…a bad one. After this it launches into what sounds like the normal version of the song. It’s not a terrible remix but it’s just too much going on here. The singing isn’t different and it’s hard to even figure out what’s going on. What makes it worst is that at times the vocals doesn’t mesh well with the music. It sounds really disjointed when you listen to it. I guess it’s interesting to hear at least once, but there isn’t too much going on here to get you to listen to it more than once.

Next is a remix of “Tourniquet.” This one is actually much better and is probably the best track to be found here. It’s an interesting and different take on the great song. There’s something about the softer music and singing that makes this track more creepy. Actually, the different take on the vocals is what makes the song really good. The bombastic drum beat and the constant whirring playing throughout actually makes the song heavier than the original. It fits the tone of the song really well. If there is one reason to listen to the EP it’s for this song.

The rest of the album is filled with live tracks from Antichrist Superstar, including an acoustic take on “Man that You Fear.” The acoustic guitar does make the tone of the song more vulnerable, but it just sounds like the original version from the album with an acoustic guitar replacing the electric one. The live tracks are not bad with the best one being “Dried Up, Tied UP and Dead to the World.” Granted, there is a ton of energy and aggression found on these live tracks, but I wouldn’t call them my favorites. Otherwise, there are better live versions to be found on the live album the band would release later.

Overall this EP gets 6/10. Granted, it’s not the worst release from the band, but it is the most pointless. There is no new material here, the remixes are sub par and the live versions are nothing special. I would liked it better if there were more remixes to choose from. The “Tourniquet” one was promising enough. Also, I would’ve liked to see what they would’ve done with some of the other songs from the album. Only collectors should pick up this release and only if it’s cheap. I wouldn’t pay more than 2 bucks for this EP.



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