One Year

It’s been about a year since I finally sat down and decided to join millions of others in the blogging universe. Sure, I was a little nervous about putting my writing in the open, but I thought now is the time to share my thoughts with other music fan boys and fan girls. Honestly, I didn’t know where this blog was going. I didn’t know if anyone was going to like it or whether anyone would read it. Now I almost have 30 followers. Okay, so it’s not a huge deal compared to some of the other blogs out there, but for me it’s a huge deal. I just want to say thank you for everyone and anyone who was ever stopped by to check out a review, a list, or just to learn more about their favorite band. And thanks for those of you who decided to subscribe to me and read some of my crazy rants. Thanks for sticking with me for an entire year and hopefully you’ll stick around for another one.

Thanks again readers and subscribers. Without you, I don’t know if I would’ve kept the blog going as long as I have. Thank you.


(okay this one is just mesmerizing!)


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