Musical Rant: Fall Out Boy Hype


Unless you suffered a media blackout or were dead for the past few days, then you know that Fall Out Boy are preparing to release new music this year. I have no problem with that. I like Fall Out Boy; they have some fun, catchy songs and Patrick Stump is a decent enough singer. My beef isn’t with the fact that Fall Out Boy is coming back. My problem is the hype and the way some fans are reacting to their return. The thing that bothers me the most about it is that they’ve been gone for three years. Yet, people keep referring to it as if they’ve been gone for 10. Hell, you can even forgive people for being so excited if the band stopped making music for five years, but three? A lot of bands take a three year break before making new music; it’s pretty standard in music business, so I just don’t get why people are constantly saying “I survived the Fall Out Boy Hiatus.” It’s not that damn serious. And I understand that not all FOB fans are acting like this. It’s just a select group who are going there when they don’t need to.

Another thing that really bothers me about the situation is the fact that so many people are calling it a reunion. Fans aren’t the only ones saying this, a bunch of media outlets say it too. I personally think that three years isn’t long enough to reunite, especially in the music scene. But what makes it worse is that people insist on calling it a reunion when members of the band have specifically stated that it’s NOT because they never broke up. I understand why some people thought they did break up; hiatus is a messy word. Remember Blink-182? That was a hiatus too, but we all knew that at the time they were over. But Fall Out Boy aren’t really reunited; they just decided this was a good time for them to make music as a three-piece again, especially since all their solo efforts bombed (sorry Patrick Stump).

Also, guys it’s just Fall Out Boy. I wouldn’t call them one of the greatest bands of any generation, yet some people are acting like it’s Led Zeppelin deciding to make new music. Like I said, I like Fall Out Boy. They know how to make songs that will get stuck in your head whether you want them to or not, but at the same time they’re not legendary. From the way some people are acting you wouldn’t guess that though. Yet, it’s not really fair for me to say that because for some people Fall Out Boy ARE legendary. For some they are the greatest band ever and they do have a right to get excited. All I’m saying is let’s slow down on the hype. I mean, I’ve been seeing stories about the band “reuniting” for two weeks now. Even Justin Timberlake‘s return to music didn’t get that much hype and he hasn’t made music in about seven years. And the biggest ones to blame for this are is the media. They keep posting on every little thing the band is doing. Updates about touring, singles, and albums are fine, but we don’t need three different stories saying how the band is back on the same site just worded differently. We get it; the band is back and people are excited. I don’t need to hear about it five more times in the same hour.

Bottom line: let’s stop exaggerating the situation. It hasn’t been ten years and they never broke up. And I’m not saying don’t be excited. You should be, but rather than making tweets, signs, and t-shirts about “surviving” something that isn’t real that will only make people roll their eyes at you, let’s just enjoy the fact that Fall Out Boy are giving us new music for us to enjoy this year. Put on some of your fave FOB tunes and countdown to when you can hold their new album in your hands. But please, unless there’s a new major development with their return, no more stories about their “reunion” please. On that note, I say welcome back FOB. If you couldn’t tell, you were sorely missed.


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