Interesting Muse Facts and Pictures

I’ve become obsessed with the British trio lately and though my desire to listen to nothing but Muse has died down, I still think these facts are worthy of sharing. Plus, I have the privilege of seeing them in March! So here are some facts about the band along with some pictures in case you want to know more about them. And if you get to see them this year let me know when and how the show was in the comments!


The boys came up with the title “Muscle Museum” by taking words that came before and after “muse” in the dictionary


Matt used his pants zipper as an instrument for the end of “Space Dementia”


Matt’s biggest fear is being impregnated by aliens and raising the baby in secrecy


At one point Serj Tankian from System of a Down tried to sign Muse


Bassist Chris was so nervous about singing solo on the 2nd Law Tour, he nearly fainted


The boys admitted they were high on mushrooms when they recorded “Plug in Baby”

MUSE British Pop Group Attending the 2001 Kerrang Awards in London Universal...

Matt has stated that he used to hide his falsetto vocals until he grew tired of it and embraced them instead


Dom often wears costumes like a Spider man suit behind the drum kit


Matt’s favorite Muse song is “Bliss”


Regarding “Bliss:”

“This is probably the most positive track, the most truly embracing song. It’s almost in awe of the situation I’ve been given, because it’s a state of mind were you give out everything you have without any need for return. It’s also a song aimed towards some-one’s youth, someone who hasn’t been exposed to stuff yet”


The book 1984 by George Orwell inspired the writing for The Resistance


Matt can say the alphabet backwards

MUSE liverpool  1999 © POLIEN/ DALLE © LUZ

In 1998, the record label Maverick, Madonna’s record label, signed Muse. But the label came to dislike Bellamy’s falsetto singing style. In 2001, Maverick asked the group members to rerecord “Plug in Baby” with Matt singing lower, but they refused to give in. The band and the label parted ways.


Muse used to be called Rocket Baby Dolls


The boys have stated that Nirvana is one of their biggest influences and they will often break out in riffs of “School” and “endless Nameless” live


One of Matt’s favorite bands is Rage Against the Machine


Matt held the 2010 Guinness World Record for smashing the most guitars on tour- 140


Muse appeared on the Twilight Soundtrack due to a previous promise Matt made to Stephanie Mayer. She asked if she could use their music if her books ever got made into movies because she is a fan.


The heartbeat of Matt’s son Bingham can be heard on both “Follow Me” and “2nd Law: Isolated System”



  1. heeee muse facts! i saw them twice last year, once at the Roundhouse in London and at the LG Arena in Birmingham. The first was incredible as I had an amazing view and had been waiting all day to get in, and the second I was barrier on Matt’s side which was an incredible experience. Seeing them in Coventry in May, eee!

    1. Lucky you getting to see them three times!

      This will be my first time of seeing them live and I can’t wait! I think they’re one of the most amazing live bands and I know it’s something I’ll never forget.

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