You’ll Rebel to Anything- Mindless Self Indulgence

YRTA_explicitRelease Year: 2005

Rating: 9/10

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, MSI have announced not only a new album in March, but a new tour as well. But until then we’ll have to stick with their classic third album. Nothing much has changed here: the music is still harsh, wild, and funky and the songs are still weird, witty, and fun. Influences from R&B, punk, electronica, and hip hop are also found here, but the album is still great. It’s something that gets you moving and puts you in a good mood.

Just as with most of their albums, there’s not a single disappointing song here. There’s something awesome, crazy, and unique about each one, though you may not get what each song is about. The opening track “Shut Me Up” is a reminder that MSI is no ordinary band (as if you could forget). It has all the attitude and wildness of the band. It’s a energetic, simple, repetitive song with an awesome heavy guitar riff. The song also shows off the band’s humor with the line “I like my coffee black just like my metal.” Really, I have no idea what’s going on here, but I know that I love this song.

I like to refer to the short and sweet “1989” as more shit you can move to. It’s another nonsense song that’s fun to listen to and that makes you want to mosh. “Straight to Video” has this cool synth like riff during the intro that’s infectious and will instantly reel you in. It’s another super catchy song,which for some reason always makes me think he’s talking about a girl who wants to get into porn. Another great song is “Prom.” This track basically sums up high school: trying to fit in and trying to get laid. It’s another fun song with infectious music pulled from the genres of hip hop, rock, and electronica.

There is actually a cover on the album, which is a bit different for the band. It’s their own version of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.” While they do keep some of the musical elements found in the original version, they manage to make the song their own by bringing in their crazy style and by speeding it up a whole lot. The song sounds so good I didn’t even realize it was a cover song at first. They do such a great job shortening it to a listenable length and making it something you want to mosh to. Because of this I hope they do other covers of weird songs.

On the last album, they had a lot of songs that seemed to be a commentary on musicians and how fame affects them. That trend sort of continues on this record. “You’ll Rebel to Anything (As Long as It’s Not Challenging)” is a commentary on the kids in high school who think their lives are tragic because they didn’t get the right pair of pants for Christmas and who try not conform but end up being part of a whole other group. Not only is it witty, it’s funny because we all know what kids Jimmy Urine is talking about. Another clever song is “Bullshit.” The closing track starts off a little weird because it has a somber guitar riff during the intro before the craziness returns with the 8-bit music. I can’t tell if he’s referring to MSI or bands in general, but lines like “The mission fishin’ for the/Disenfranchised little kids/We shoot ’em in a barrel/It’s so easy when they’re pissed” suggests that they only do this for money and that the audience is so dumb they never pick up on it.

Overall, the album gets 9/10. If you want more of the wild, snotty, bombastic, and aggressive sound found on MSI’s first two albums then you need to hear this record. The songs are fun, catchy, and amazing and the music is bound to get you pumped up. If you need an energy boost or need to unwind after a bad day this is what you should listen to. The band continues to prove you can’t pin them down with their genre spanning sound that won’t seem to stop anytime soon.



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