Other Notable Releases of 2012

There’s no doubt about it, a lot of new music came out this year, some good and some awful. I already talked about which releases I felt were the worst, best, and underrated of the year, but I’m taking this opportunity to talk about other releases that personally stood out for me and got me most excited this year. Check them out and tell me what you think.

Most Disappointing Album of 2012:

2nd Law– Muse


Muse and Green Day released their new albums quite close to each other and I thought whatever Muse released was going to blow Green Day out of the water. I was surprised to find out I was wrong; in fact it was the other way around (at least for me). 2nd Law just wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting something epic and amazing. Most of the songs were forgettable or just boring and even though it’s typical for the band, some were just too dramatic. It didn’t bother me that they changed their sound yet again, even the dub-step inspired track “Unsustainable” didn’t bother me, but it felt like they were trying way too hard to channel Queen here. Also, the album is seriously lacking in singer Matt Bellamy’s spine chilling vocals. It’s as if he held himself back. It’s not a horrible album, there are a lot of good songs here like “Panic Station,” but definitely far from their best.

Best Remastered Album of 2012:

Bad 25- Michael Jackson


I was quite shocked to learn that Sony was yet again re-releasing this album. We already got a remastered version in 2001 that featured unreleased songs, but the MJ camp pulled out all the stops and made sure fans got their money’s worth. There was more unreleased material to be heard, a live album to salivate over, and a concert DVD that fans have been petitioning for for over 10 years. It was definitely more than I expected and what makes it even better is that the unreleased material is actually worth listening to. It’s not just a bunch of demos or remixes to fill out the album. There are really good songs here that are worth the listen. I also love how there was an edition for each budget: you could get the 2-disc standard edition, the deluxe edition that came with 4 discs, a poster, and a sticker, or the $200 edition that came with singles, a shirt, and even MJ earbuds! Definitely one of my favorite releases of the year.

Best Unexpected Release of 2012

Dogs Eating Dogs EP– Blink-182


Blink-182 released their comeback record last year and it was pretty successful. While they were missing for most of the year, they kept up with their fans via Twitter. This is where they announced they left their record label. A few months later we got word that the guys were working on new songs that would be released for the holidays. The boys stayed true to their word and we ended up with this wonderful EP. They songs are awesome and there’s something about them that you can tell the band has found their unity once again. The songs just sound natural, like they’re all comfortable with each other finally. It was a nice surprise for fans, especially because the energetic and very dark songs are so good. Some even say it’s better than Neighborhoods. If anything, it gets you excited for what they’ll do next year.

Is there another album that I missed? What was your favorite release of the year? Let me know in the comments!

Also, have a happy and safe New Year guys! See you in 2013!


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