Best Album of 2012

 Green Day’s Trilogy- ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre!


Let’s face it, 2012 wasn’t very nice for Green Day…well at least the latter part of it wasn’t. I’m not going to get into all the gritty details, but long story short they weren’t around to promote their ambitious trilogy. As a result, some of it received mixed reviews and critics who love to hate on the trio found something else to add to their “reasons why Green Day isn’t punk” list. Since promotion wasn’t that great for these releases, the success of it wasn’t good, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still awesome.

I know Green Day fans and others will disagree with me about picking this for album of the year, but out of everything I listened to voluntarily for the year, this was the best of the bunch. It was also the boldest of the year. Releasing three albums in the same year isn’t easy, yet Green Day did it with favorable results. You have to admit no one else pulled a move like this during the year and while it may not be as epic as some of their other albums, there’s still something for everyone; whether you’re looking for the band you fell in love with in 1994 or a band who doesn’t mind playing around with their sound.

I couldn’t pick one album out of the three because each one has something different to it. Plus, all of them have kick ass songs. ¡Uno! is a throwback to the band’s early snotty days and out of three, it’s the one that will appeal to just about all fans. It’s energetic, aggressive, and full of hooks to keep you singing for days. When I heard the album, the songs reminded me of why I fell in love with the band in the first place: they make awesome music to mosh to and that’s what this album gets you doing. It got me so fucking pumped for what else they were going to do in the trilogy.

¡Dos! is pretty much the Foxboro Hot Tubs second album. Rockabilly and some 60’s psychedelia take over the record. It’s not as energetic as the first entry in the trilogy, but there are still some songs to get you pumped. Also, it’s refreshing to hear them do another sound for the album, rather than redoing the sound and feeling they did for ¡Uno! It seems that this was the album that disappointed fans the most, but I think that’s because it didn’t instantly grab you by the throat like the previous release. I’ll admit, it took me a few listens before I decided I liked the record, but I still think they did a good job.

The final album in the trilogy is a mixture of the sounds found on the first two albums, plus the sound they established on 21st Century Breakdown. Once again, catchy hooks, killer bass lines, and even some heartbreaking moments are to be found here. There are songs here that are bound to become classics. This is another album that’s pretty easy to fall in love with. I think what makes the trilogy awesome is that it has the ability to shut up the people who constantly complain about Green Day’s sound. There’s something for the people who want them to return to their punk sound, something for those who want them to experiment more, and something for those who want things to stay as they were.

How I see it is, people were upset with American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown also because they sounded so different. It wasn’t until the band released their next album that people starting appreciating these records more. I think that’s the case with these albums. People complain about it now, but soon enough it’ll be called a very ambitious move for the guys. Also, other artists might try this idea for themselves and then the idea of releasing three albums in a year won’t seem so outrageous. Let’s just hope 2013 is a bit kinder to the band than 2012 was.


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