Worst Album of 2012

 Overexposed– Maroon 5


A lot of new music came out this year from new bands and old, so I was pretty excited when I found out Maroon 5 was releasing a new album. I was already getting sick of Adam Levine, but I love the band so much. Their first album is definitely one of my favorites, but when I heard this I couldn’t believe what the band had become. Well thought out songs that stick with you long after the album was over, turned into forgettable tunes that sound like everything else on the radio. And a once charming, cute front man turned into an arrogant TV personality.

Granted, some of the songs are pretty good. I’ll admit that when I heard the opening song “One More Night” I got pretty pumped for what lied ahead. It was catchy and something that got you dancing. Even their underwhelming single “Payphone” is okay; the more you hear it, the more it grows on you. Hell, when I listened to the whole album again recently, I started to think it wasn’t as bad as I previously thought, but when you get past the first three songs, they become shittier and shittier.

I know Maroon 5 isn’t the best band out there, but there was something so awesome in their debut album that they haven’t seemed to be able to recapture since then. Every song was amazing and memorable on that album. Here, they’re forgettable and manage to sound alike. The band trades in their subtle songwriting and their original pop sound for obvious sexual references and electronic influences that were inexplicably popular this year. And some of the songs just sound stupid as hell.

The one I hate the most has to be “Sad,” because it’s like Levine just gave up on trying to describe how he feels when he’s sad or what made him that way. Instead he flatly sings “I’m so sad.” It sounds like a song a 14 year old girl would write in her creative writing class while the teacher is yelling “Show, don’t tell!” There’s even one song that sounds like it’s straight out of the 70’s, the bad 70’s (is there even such thing as the good 70’s?). I guess they wanted to make a dance record, but they ended up with a dull record full of unmemorable songs, weak lyrics, and vapid electronic music.

Even if they wanted to go with a dance record, it would’ve been forgivable if the songs were any good. Hell, this should actually be Levine’s solo album. The band sounds so muffled and tuned out that all you can hear is a nasally Levine. Maybe the album would’ve fared better if he admitted this was his solo effort. All I know is this does not make me look forward to the next Maroon 5 album. I’m sure others will disagree with this being the worst of 2012, but out of everything new I heard this year, it deserves this title.



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