Underrated Album of 2012

Born Villain– Marilyn Manson


I’m back guys! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and ate a lot of good food and had a good time with the family. Now, back to business. End of the year lists are rampant everywhere and here is no different. But rather than doing a list, I’m taking general categories and writing up articles on them. That being said, if you’re looking for a list full of bands you’ve never heard of that a magazine makes you feel dumb for not knowing, then go to Spin. If you’re not a fan of those lists, then stay a while.

I know most end of the year lists often feature obscure indie bands that you have never heard of when it comes to underrated albums, but I’m going with what I listened to this year and I think that this was the most overlooked album of 2012. It was hardly reviewed by any music critics and even when one magazine took the time to do it, they still found unfavorable. I think the reason why this album was largely ignored is because people have given up on this band. I’m not going to lie, my expectations weren’t that high for this release either. And when I saw his awful performance on the Golden God Awards I was ready to give up too. Let’s face it, his last two albums weren’t all that great or memorable, so it’s no surprise people had no reaction when he released a new album this year.

But when I listened to the album, the first three songs hit me in the chest with its aggressiveness, much like some of Manson’s best songs had done in the past. I was moving to every song that came on and most importantly, I was smiling the entire time I was listening to the record. The only thought going through my head at the time was “Fuck yeah, Manson!” This album gave me the blood curling feeling that Antichrist Superstar gives me. And that’s something that hasn’t happened with a Manson album in a long time. Also, what he was saying here felt genuine. It didn’t feel like he was trying to be shocking or scary as he did on his past albums. He wasn’t trying to prove to us that he’s still a disturbing individual; he was just being himself.

It felt as if the old Marilyn was back! Maybe he wasn’t the same guy who gave us nightmares in 1996, but you could still hear that side of him on this album. Basically, he got back to his roots. He wasn’t trying to open up to his audience by singing about how lonely he is or how messed up his divorce left him. Rather, he gave us pure hard rock that fans have been longing for since 2007. There are some songs on the album that are throwbacks to his past work. There are hints of Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holywood on his latest release. Everything improved: his music, his vocals, even his songwriting. It may not be up there with some of his more memorable releases, but it’s definitely one of his best in the past few years.

This is the comeback album Manson wanted in 2007. It’s a return to form for the band and it should’ve gotten more attention. Unfortunately, most people still see him as a joke, rather than a musician who is trying to overcome his shock rock antics. It’s an amazing album full of the aggressive, harsh, and powerful songs that Manson is known for.

Stay tuned for my pick for Best and Worst Album of 2012. What do you think it’ll be?


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