Dogs Eating Dogs- Blink-182

Blink-182_-_Dogs_Eating_Dogs_coverRelease Year: 2012

Rating: 9/10

Last week, Blink-182 released a single from this EP and it was awesome. The entire thing is now out and let me just say it may be better than their last album. Though it’s only five songs, each song is awesome and definitely ambitious for the band. No, they didn’t return to their poop joke days, but here we find an even darker Blink than we did on their last two albums. The songs may be energetic and catchy as always, but with subjects ranging from the perils of growing up to being dumped during the holidays, it shows that the boys have grown up. Since there are only five songs here, I thought I would do a track by track review.

The album opens with the heartbreaking “When I Was Young.” The beginning of the song really sounds like something The Cure would do since it has a creepy organ playing before the rest of the instruments come in. This could be the band giving a nod to one of their favorite bands,, which they also did a lot with Neighborhoods. The song itself is pretty dark as it seems to deal with how everything looks possible, new, and big when you’re young and how when you get older that feeling goes away. With the chorus of “It’s the worst damn day/of my whole life,” it feels like something everyone can relate to because even if it wasn’t the worse day of our life, we’ve all felt like that at some point. It’s an awesome opening track that shows that they haven’t lost their touch for writing catchy songs.

The title track “Dogs Eating Dogs,” sounds like something that would be found on their self-titled/untitled album. It’s energetic and has a speedy, aggressive guitar riff, similar to the kind found on the aforementioned album. But not only is the guitar awesome, the drums are killer too once again showing why everyone loves Travis Barker. Out of all of the songs on the EP, this is the angriest and most cynical one: “I’ve got a feeling, I’ve got a feeling/These broken nights and bitter ends/We would always starve and devour/Our closest friends my beautiful friends.” It’s also one of the best tracks here. This is another song that uses quite a bit of keyboard,which is different for the band, but it’s not bad at all. If anything it adds an interesting sound and dynamic to the songs. It also shows that the boys are trying to expand and experiment with their music.

“Disaster” sounds like something Tom would do with his other band Angels and Airwaves, especially with all the spacey sounds and weird muffled voices going on in the beginning. But otherwise than that, I love how the song opens: the bass line from Hoppus sounds dangerous as if it’s trying to warn you about something. And there’s something so satisfying about Mark singing “Disaster, disaster.” It’s just so different, yet manages to reel you in. There’s also a cool bridge where the music fades out and then comes back loudly with a Barker drum roll. It’s another energetic song, but again there’s a return to the dark lyrics: “With stones of hollow eyes/Death comes you better hide/Never rest in town/Fall in my arms again/Full moon on a rotten night.” Still, it’s an amazing song that is sure not to disappoint.

I already talked about “Boxing Day” at length, but when compared to the other songs on the EP, it definitely stands out the most. The acoustic guitar gives it a folk sound, but the electronic drums tossed in gives the song more of an edge and it keeps it from getting dull. And even though the song is still pretty sad, it’s the least depressing one here. The closing track “Pretty Little Girl” is the most upbeat both in terms of music and lyrics. It has a new wave feel with the synth during the intro and the music is something you can move to. This is a bittersweet song Tom wrote for his wife about the trials and tribulations of a long term relationship. It’s a great song, but the rap provided by Yelawolf really feels out of place. It’s not even because it’s rap; it just doesn’t seem to fit in the song. It sounds more like they cut out the rap from another song and pasted it to this one. But after awhile you get used to it and it’s decent at least.

Overall, the EP gets 9/10. The record is awesome and may be even better than what they gave us on their 2011 release. My only complaint is it’s too short! But that just shows how good the songs are; they leave you wanting more. The songs are energetic, albeit dark for the band and just from how they sound, you can tell the guys are comfortable with each other once again. It may not be the classic Blink we all know and love, but it’s getting close to the band were got used to in 2004. This release makes you excited for what the boys are going to do with their music in the future, especially since they left their record company back in October. The possibilities seem endless.



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