Home for Christmas- Nsync

NSYNC-Home_for_Christmas_(album_cover)Release Year: 1998

Rating: 7/10

Since Christmas is only a week away, I decided to bring some Christmas cheer to the site and review a holiday album I had a long time ago. Honestly, I think this is my first time listening to the whole thing through. I’m sure I bought the album just for “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” Anyway, the album is decent as far as Christmas albums go. Since it is something you only listen to once a year maybe, there are no huge expectations for greatness, but this album suffers from boring songs and cheesy lyrics.

The biggest problem with the album is there are not enough upbeat, fun Christmas songs here. We have the immensely catchy “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” which is the best song here. Sure, it’s kind of cheesy, but it’s just fun and makes you feel good. It’s the type of song that when it comes on the radio, you start singing it no matter who’s around. Another fun song is “Kiss Me at Midnight.” Just as with the previous song, this one is fun and puts you in a good mood. Again, it’s kind of corny, but it’s the best kind of corny. These are the type of the songs the album is missing. The rest of them are pretty slow and after awhile they get boring. Maybe it’s just my preference because I like the fun, upbeat, stupid Christmas songs. I’m not a fan of the weighty, sad, super religious holiday songs and I really wish Nsync would’ve done more of the former. They just seem to do it so well.

The rest of the songs sound like stereotypical RnB tunes from the 90’s that feature pseudo sexy music and corny ass lyrics about holding the girl of your dreams. You are hit with the cheesy wave on the opening track “Home for Christmas.” Not only is it filled with annoying chiming bells, it has the typical Christmas lyrics about children playing in the snow, making mothers smile, and coming home to spend time with the family. It just reeks of bad 90’s songs. The cheesiness continues with “Under the Tree,” but this one is really weird. Bells don’t take over the music here, but there is one part where the boys imitate sleigh bells that is guaranteed to make you laugh. What makes the song weird are the lyrics: “I’ll show you how good it could be/I wish that Santa could be here to see/It’s beautiful, under my tree.” I don’t know about you, but it sounds like he wants to screw some girl under the Christmas tree and have Santa to watch. This seems like a highly inappropriate song for a holiday album.

The rest of the songs are just slow and boring. “In Love on Christmas,” “The Only Gift,” and “It’s Christmas” aren’t necessarily bad. They’re just corny and nothing about them keeps your attention. You can put these songs on, but they’re more like background noise rather than something you would sit down and actually listen to. There are a few classic songs that Nsync pulls off really well. The holiday favorite “The Christmas Song” is found here and while it’s not the best version I’ve heard, they still did a really good job. It keeps the mellow tone and the background harmonies sound really good. They also do “O Holy Night” and “The First Noel” really well. The former song is done acapalla, which the group is really good at doing and the latter song sounds beautiful. After hearing this, it just reminded that the boys were pretty talented, even if they didn’t play their own instruments.

I feel this album would’ve been better if they did more classic Christmas songs, rather than the originals that take up most of the record. Can you imagine them doing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” or “Sleigh Ride?” It sounds like it would be a blast! There’s just something about the classic songs that everyone loves. Maybe it’s because they’re so familiar. But these originals (at least I think they’re originals) are not exciting, are mostly not fun, and are pretty dull.

Overall, the album gets 7/10. It’s a decent enough Christmas album, but it’s definitely not on my list of favorites. It does have some really fun, feel good songs on here that never get old, but most of the other songs are boring and don’t stand out from one another. If you want something to put on while trimming the tree or just to get you in the Christmas spirit, then I would check out this album. At least it’s better than the David Hasselhoff holiday album.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and have a merry Christmas fellow music lovers! I hope you get all the gifts you want! If anyone is wondering, I just want a pair of Muse tickets….just saying.



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